After Five Years, “Inuyasha” Anime to be Resumed

July 16th, 2009 – Anime News


The Inuyasha anime, which stopped airing in 2004, is now set to experience a revival. The original anime had a very unsatisfactory and inconclusive ending, with the story only reaching up to about volume 36 out of the 56 manga volumes eventually written. Now, with the manga having ended last June, the anime is picking up where it left off. The new anime, Inuyasha Kanketsu-Hen, will air on Japan’s YTV in the fall and will complete the story. You can be sure I’ll be watching it.

EDIT: According to The Rumic World, VIZ has already acquired the rights to this new Inu-Yasha anime. Hopefully this’ll mean a simultaneous release. Keep your fingers crossed!

[Source: AnimeNewsNetwork]

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