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Adam's comming to town

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:04 pm
by Adam's Hats
Dear Ithaca,

Greetings from Troy. The war goes well...

I still live, and I still plan to come visit you guys once before Camden and Ian graduate. I'd like to come up the weekend of the cosplay contest, cause that's always awesome.

So, uh, when is it?

And in the interest of planning ahead does anyone have a place for me to sleep and/or park? I've got a futon I can throw in my car so I only need about six feet of relatively clean floor. I'll bring beer and cookies!

Also, who wants to hang out Sat?

Make Sure no one puts the moves on Penelope while we're gone, ;p


Re: Adam's comming to town

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:59 pm
by Mike
If you're there over the weekend, you can park for free in all Cornell lots and Collegetown streets. Just make sure you're not there when you're not supposed to be, as they're very ticket-happy.