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Re: Twelve Kingdoms

PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 10:58 am
by hanyou-no-miko
Mike wrote:I'd be interested in knowing what information in particular you're referring to. I mean, I saw the series a few times long before the books started getting released, so I didn't compare them directly, but I still didn't think the difference was that big.

Well, in an effort to not spoil fall semester for myself, I've only seen a few episodes of the first season, but I remember
that we see who Kourin is a lot earlier, the "villain" (Kou-oh, rather than the pretender queen) is revealed much earlier, we meet Enki in the first episode (whereas he never appears until the end of the first book), and a lot more is revealed about the world at large right away than in the books. I mean, they do this because it would be less interesting in anime format for you to only see things from Youko's perspective, as in the books, but as they were things the book chose to conceal until the ABSOLUTE end, I preferred to read the book first. Similarly, in the Taiki arc, all of those cuts to Hourai, where he's older, didn't occur at all until book 6. Book 2 was exclusively what Youko learns from the sage in the anime. We don't find out about Taiki and Gyousou going missing until it's mentioned in "Kaze no Banri" and it isn't directly addressed until later.
So, I dunno, I guess some people would find them to be minor, but I thought they were major. Just a matter of perspective, I guess. The anime was still really enjoyable once I stopped being butthurt and sat down to watch it. To be honest, I just meant to watch arc 2 since we're not showing it, but it was so good and I liked the "Kaze no Banri" book so much that I COULDN'T STOP WATCHING.

Re: Twelve Kingdoms

PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:06 am
by hanyou-no-miko
lepidoptera wrote:
Szethrusi wrote:It might be nice to chuck in those missing episodes as OVA fodder if the series is well-enough received.

12 eps is a bit long for an ova...

We could just show the 6 episodes concerning Taiki (arc 2) as an OVA. I understand that many people consider the end of arc 3 to be a more satisfying ending than arc 4 anyway.