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In memory of Kay Lillibridge (1969 - 2003)



What happened to those slackers of yesteryear? Those otaku who slouched down in the front rows of Uris Media Room B or Goldwin Smith Auditorium D Lewis Auditorium? Where are they now? This page is dedicated to keeping track of those old, great CJAS members and helping them (us) keep track of each other through their (our) old age and fading memories and periods of unemployment.


Someday we'll have enough ex-members to do something cool like start a trust fund with a growth plan devised by all those CS majors in CJAS...enough $$$ for CJAS to kick the SAFC's collective butt! Or maybe we'll be able to start some kind of alumni network so that newly graduated alumni will have contact points all over the place. You know some of us otaku will end up in pretty weird places.

This site contains contact information and/or the whereabouts of CJAS's graduated itinerant former members. It's pretty basic right now, but we're planning to add some cool new features, so stay tuned.

If you'd like to register with us, follow the instructions below.


To register as a CJAS alumnus, please become a member of the CJAS forums (if you're not already a member). That membership will give you access to the various CJAS web properties.

If you are not currently a member of the CJAS forums, follow the steps below. If you are already a member of the forums, log in and skip to step #4

  1. Visit to join the CJAS forums.
  2. After you enter your basic info, moderators will review your request before approving it.
  3. Once your request for membership has been approved, log in with the username and password you selected.
  4. Click on User Control Panel at the upper left, or follow this link: .
  5. Click on the Profile tab.
  6. As much as you're comfortable (this information is only available to other registered CJAS members and alums), please fill out the fields for Website, Location (city, state), Occupation (plus employer), Graduation Year, CJAS Roles, and Profile Last Updated.
  7. Under Interests, feel free to provide details like*:
    • a summary of your activities since leaving CJAS
    • your most memorable CJAS moment(s)
    • memorable quotes from your time at CJAS
    • Note: There is a 2000 character limit for this section, including spaces. Generally, try to keep it around 500 characters or so.
  8. Next, click on the usergroups tab.
  9. If you were a general member, select the Alums group. If you were an eboard member, select the E-board alums group.
  10. Make sure Join selected is visible in the dropdown menu at the bottom and press Submit.

Your info will appear in a directory listing (currently under construction) only viewable by other registered and logged-in CJAS members.

( If you have any trouble or questions, feel free to send me an email: leng[at] )

List of alumni

We are creating a new and better list of alumni. Please refer to the instructions above.

For now, temporary lists can be found here:

In case you need it (to update your forum profile, for example), here's the old list of alumni.



The original CJAS alumni page ( hosted at ) was created and maintained by Doris Chan ('96), and was later maintained by Lawrence Eng ('98).

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