Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey

Cutey Honey is an android created by Professor Kisaragi in his effort to create the perfect human. She can transform into a variety of personalities in order to adapt to any challenging situation just by saying the words "Honey Flash". Panther Claw is very interested in this invention and will stop at nothing to get it. Honey swears to take down Panther Claw after her father is killed by them.

Panther Claw is an exclusively female crime organization headed by Panther Zora and her second-in-command is Panther Jill. Each member of Panther Claw has special powers for which they are named. For example, there is a Panther Bat, Panther Crab, Panther Tarantula, etc. There powers make them no longer human and their appearances reflects that. The elite Panther Claw members seem to have powers similar to Devil Beasts such as being able to move while disembodied, regeneration of limbs and other bodily transformations.

The first manga storyline ends after Honey defeats Panther Jill. Instead having a final showdown with Cutey Honey, Panther Zora blows up Panther Claw headquarters and vows to someday return again.

The sequel reveals that Panther Jill survived and Panther Claw is reorganized. Cutie Honey has more violence and nudity than the first series. Sister Jill seems to be more powerful than ever.

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