Kisaragi Honey / Cutey Honey - Honey is an android created by Professor Kisaragi in the likeness of his deceased daughter. She was programmed to have feelings like a real human being. As Cutey Honey, she has a sword and boomerang in her arsenal as well as the ability to transform to handle any dangers she faces.

Cutey Honey

Professor Kisaragi - Professor Kisaragi created Honey and loved and raised her just as he did his late daughter. He revealed to Honey that she was an android after his death through a holographic message he left for her.

Hayami Seiji - A news reporter who promises to help Honey defeat Panther Claw and get revenge for her father's death.

Hayami Junpei - Seiji's younger brother. He is in love with Honey and will risk his life for her. Most times, he's in the way.

Sister Jill

Hayami Danbei - A lecherous old man who helps Honey fight Panther Claw. He is skilled with swords and shuriken. Danbei seems to get captured a lot.

Sister Jill - The active leader of Panther Claw. She has powerful abilities and an equally strong panther companion. Her goal is to secure the Elemental Manipulation Device and use it make Panther Claw stronger.

Panther Zora - The sovereign mother of Panther Claw. She never fights Honey face-to-face.

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