Cutey Honey F

In 1997, Yukako Iisaka was hired by Shogakukan Comics to produce a shoujo version of Go Nagai's Cutey Honey for younger audiences. While it is not entirely faithful to Go Nagai's original work, Cutey Honey F has a pretty large following. Honey is not an android in ths series and the nature of her ability to transform is magical. The F stands for Flash.

In this incarnation of Cutey Honey, Kisaragi Honey is a student of Saint Chapel School along with her sister, Hazuki Seira, and her boyfriend Hayami Seiji. The evil organization known as Panther Claw kidnapped her father. It's up to Cutey Honey to stop them. Fortunately, noone knows that Kisaragi Honey is really Cutey Honey. Then again, noone knows that Hazuki Seira is really Misty Honey, Cutey Honey's rival. Misty Honey tries to steal Hayami Seiji's love away from Cutey Honey.

Honey is well-equiped to deal with situations. She has a talking teddy bear, a kick-butt cell phone, a boomerang, a heart gun that can shoot fire and lightning and ice, and of course, she has her sword, which allows her to perform her finishing move, the Honey Lightning Flare! This is all in addition to her transformation abilities.

Misty Honey is also armed to the teeth with her own boomerang and sword. Instead of shouting "Honey Flash!" to transform, she shouts, "Honey Crash!" Normally a good person at heart, when her tattoo glows, Misty Honey is nothing but pure evil. Later in the series, she combines with Cutey Honey to form Hyper Honey.

Cutey Honey F is a well written romantic comedy and is enjoyable for all age groups. The animated version was produced by the Sailor Moon production team. There is even a movie for this series available. If you're a fan of the original Cutey Honey, this version is worth checking out.

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