Kisaragi Honey

Kisaragi Honey / Cutey Honey - Honey is a student at Saint Chapel School. Her ability to transform comes from a crystal invented by her father and given to her by Twilight Prince. Honey go through Panther Claw to rescue her father.

Kisaragi Takeshi - Honey's father. He was kidnapped by Panther Claw. Kisaragi invented the means to allow his daughters Honey and Seira to transform.

Hayami Seiji - Seiji is Honey's love-interest. He is a detective whose father was killed by Panther Claw.

Hayami Danbei - Seiji's grandfather. He is also the principal of Saint Chapel School.

Aki Natsuko

Aki Natsuko - Honey's best friend. Natsuko is always there to cheer Honey up.

Sister Jill - The leader of Panther Claw. Her preferred weapon is a whip. She answers only to Panther Zora.

Misty Honey

Hazuki Seira / Misty Honey - Honey's sister. She is a good person, but Panther Claw was able to corrupt her to create Misty Honey. Misty Honey is Cutey Honey's rival. She is also trying to steal Seiji from Honey.

Panther Zora - The sovereign of Panther Claw. She rarely intervenes in matters directly and communicates through a statue in her likeness.

Prince Zera - Zera is a high-ranking Panther Claw member who wants to replace Sister Jill as leader.

Twilight Prince

Twilight Prince - A mysterious man who gives advice to Honey. He's often seen carrying white flowers.

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