Cutey Honey

Kisaragi Honey / Cutey Honey - Honey is a friend of Chokkei and she's also the personal secretary of Mayor Light. The secret of Cutey Honey has slept within her for many years awaiting the day when the world would need her powers again to combat the Darkness.

Mayor Light - Mayor Light wants to turn things around and revive Cosplay City.

Hayami Chokkei - An optomistic kid who idolizes Mayor Light. His presence helps Honey in the most dire situations.

Hayami Akakabu - Chokkei's dad. Also a crook and a peeper. Go figure. He may not look it, but he's quite tough.

Hayami Daiko - Chokkei's mom. She's a crook. She used to be quite a bully in her younger days.

Hayami Danbei

Hayami Danbei - The times have been rough on Danbei. His body is mostly cybernetic. He's got a wide array of attacks including Rocket Punch and Breast Fire! His cybernetic body was built by Professor Kabuto (Mazinger Z). One of his favorite hobbies is peeping.

Peeping Spider - A spy and nothing more. He discovers that Honey is really a robot. Formerly a lackey of Dolmeck, Peeping Spider has a change of heart later in the series.

Dolmeck - The Lord of Darkness who is trying to ressurect the mother, Panther Zora. He is terrorizing the city and is distributes the drug that transforms people into monsters.

Black Maiden

Black Maiden - A teenage girl with incredibly strong psychic powers. She pilots a powerful mecha (in the nude of course!). She is later discovered to be the vassel for Panther Zora's return.

Panther Zora - The sovereign mother of Panther Claw. She never fights Cutey Honey in her true form, always prefering to use the body of another. Honey's showdown with Dolmeck triggers Panther Zora's return.

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