Cutey Honey

This omake page is a collection of scans and miscellaneous tidbits regarding Cutey Honey. I wanted to keep this stuff all in the same section rather than spread it throughout the other pages.

There is a guest appearance by Kekko Kamen in Cutie Honey Volume 1. In the opening animation for New Cutey Honey, there are guest appearances by Professor Kabuto (Mazinger Z), Akira Fudo (Devilman) and Sirene (Devilman). Professor Kabuto appears in OAV 8. Akira Fudo also appears in OAV 7. There is a Devilman statue in OAV 1. Hayami Danbei and Akira Fudo also make quick cameos in Re: Cutie Honey.

As you may have noticed in the OAVs, some of Honey's transformations are of well-known anime characters. In OAV 7, she changes into Saki from Sukeban Deka and Liger Mask from God Beast Liger. In OAV 8, she changes into Fuu from Magical Knights Rayearth.


Year Title Count
1971 Cutey Honey Manga 2
1973-1974 Cutey Honey TV 25
1990 Cutie Honey Manga 2
1994-1995 New Cutey Honey OAV 8
1997 Cutey Honey F Manga 4
1997 Cutey Honey F TV 39
1998 Cutey Honey F Movie 1
2004 Cutey Honey Live Action Movie 1
2004 Re: Cutie Honey 3


Cutey Honey Manga 1 2
Cutie Honey Manga 1 2
Cutey Honey F Manga 1 2
New Cutey Honey VHS 1 2 3
New Cutey Honey Collection DVD 1 2

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