Re: Cutie Honey

The setting is modern Tokyo. A mysterious organization named Panther Claw is terrorizing the people and the Japanese police aren't enough to hold them off. Suddenly a mysterious woman shows up and quickly of these wierd villains. Inspector Aki Natusko won't let a civilian take the law into her own hands and finds herself chasing down not only Panther Claw but also this strange scantily-clad woman.

After finally catching up to this woman, Natsuko soon discovers that Panther Claw is beyond the ability of the Japanese police to handle and that the people need to rely on this Warrior of Love, Cutie Honey. But why in the world can't she keep her clothes on?!? And is her presence helping or amplifying the situation with Panther Claw? What do they want with her?

Re: Cutie Honey is the result of a partnership between ADV Films and GAINAX. Hideaki Anno (of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame) directed this new OAV series. This series is funny and very fast-paced. It is also pretty faithful to the original storyline.

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