Kisaragi Honey / Cutie Honey - Kisaragi Honey works as a temp at an office in Tokyo. She's also an android out to get revenge against Panther Claw for killing her father. Her weapons are a boomerang, a fleuret, a lance, and the power of Love.

Cutie Honey

Hayami Seiji - Hayami Seiji claims to be a newspaper reporter, but who is he really and how does he know Honey's secret?

Aki Natsuko

Aki Natsuko - Inspector Aki Natsuko is in charge of bringing Panther Claw to justice. She has incredible aim with firearms and can be fearless even if it is raining bullets.

Granny - Granny is the janitor at Honey's work who's always bringing onigiri for her. Granny's food is the best because it is made with love.

Gold Claw - The Club of the Four Gods, Gold Claw is the first truly powerful foe that Honey faces. Heavily armed and armored, Honey needs to be resourceful to find a way to defeat her. Gold Claw has Destroyer Panther, Doctor Panther, and Scope Panther as goons.

Cobalt Claw - The Diamond of the Four Gods, Cobalt Claw has a pair of tentacles that extend out of her mask that can wrap around a foe and generate an incredible amount of electrical current. Cobalt relishes the opportunity to show off her strength to Sister Jill and defeating Cutie Honey.

Scarlet Claw - The Heart of the Four Gods, Scarlet Claw is a pint-size villain with an umbrella that can vaporize a foe. Very manipulative, Scarlet Claw is able to turn the general populace against Honey. Scarlet's goons include Tank Panther, Bazooka Panther, and Sky Panther.

Black Claw - The Spade of The Four Gods, Black Claw's primary attack is with vocal sound waves that she amplifies with her microphone and staff. As much as she tries to comprehend, she can't figure out what Sister Jill truly desires.

Combatants - These are the footsoldiers of Panther Claw. Each one is armed with golden firearms. When defeated, they disappear into thin air.

Sister Jill - Sister Jill is the leader of Panther Claw. The Four Gods of Panther Claw act to realize her wishes. Her prefered weapon is a whip which can summon shadow hands. Jill is served by The Four Gods of Panther Claw as well as a mysterious butler.

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