Akira Fudo

Akira Fudo - Akira used to be a timid boy. At times, Miki would have to defend herself even though he was around. After his union with Amon, Akira's personality changed and he was noticeably tougher and not willing to take garbage from anyone. Akira lives with Miki while his parents are away on a trip.

Ryo Asuka

Ryo Asuka - Ryo is Akira's childhood friend. His late father went mad after discovering the existence of devils on this world. His father left behind a mask that allowed a person to see the world long ago when it was ruled by devils. Ryo convinces Akira that the only way to fight the devils is to become a devil.


Devilman - Devilman is the union of Akira and Amon - the Lord of War. Unlike other devil + man unions, Devilman retains Akira's human soul. Akira remains fully in control although his personality has changed greatly. He is no longer timid but now quite aggressive. Miki is extremely pleased that Akira finally got a backbone. Little does she know that Akira is keeping a dark secret from her.


Satan - Satan and Ryo are one and the same. Satan took the form of a human to observe humanity better. He will lead the devils back to their rightful place as rulers of the world. Humanity is headed towards doom and he knew it. In his devil form, Satan is androgynous, possessing the genitals of both man and woman. Satan used his powerful psychic abilities on himself to keep his devil persona asleep until he was needed to begin the Apocalypse.

Miki Makimura

Miki Makimura - Miki is Akira's good friend. She likes him, but she wishes he would stand up for himself. Miki is a tough girl who can take care of herself when needed.


Sirene - Once Amon's lover, Sirene is on a mission to destroy the being that took her beloved Amon away. Sirene has razor-sharp claws that can tear a man in two. She can also launch her arms at targets.


Geruma - Geruma is a devil with power over water. He is sent by Sirene to attack Miki. In truth, he is fodder sent by Sirene to weaken him so that she may finish him off with ease.


Jinmen - Jinmen is a devil with a shell like turtle. However, the shell has the faces of all the humans he's ever consumed. Instead of killing them, they remain alive as a part of him. In the manga, Miki's niece falls victim to Jinmen. In the OAV, it is Akira's mother.

Psycho Jenny

Psycho Jenny - Psycho Jenny uses her powers to put Devilman to sleep. While he sleeps, Zenon is able to launch his nuclear missile. Psycho Jenny also uses her powers to awaken the sleeping Satan within Ryo.


Zenon - Zenon is the three-headed devil who leads the devil forces against Devilman. Zenon is able to launch a nuclear missile to start World War III. Of course, Satan is the true leader and Zenon dares not think otherwise.

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