Jun Fudo

Jun Fudo - In the manga, Jun is a school teacher who stays in good shape and is strong enough to handle most situations on her own. In the television series, she is a popular model who graces the covers of countless magazines and appears in some commercials, yet she is very timid and not very social in general.

Ran Asuka

Ran Asuka - Ran is the same in both the manga and television series. She always dresses in sexy clothing. Ran has a cold personality and takes pleasure in seeing Jun suffer. Ran uses Jun for her power and nothing more.

Devilman Lady

Devilman Lady - Devilman Lady exists because Jun carries the Devil Beast gene inside of her. She is one of the few Devil Beasts in the world still has a grasp on her humanity. To combat incredibly large Beasts, Jun can use the Giga Effect to grow to the size of tall buildings. This changes her skin color to blue.

God Asuka

God Asuka - Will mankind rise to a new level or will they simply sink to the level of beasts? The image of God Asuka appears in major cities throughout the world as a symbol of the beginning of a new era. She will be the judge of humanity.

Jason Bates

Jason Bates - Bates works for the Samuelson Labs in America. He used to work on the development of biological weapons. Bates doesn't believe that the Devil Beast Progress is necessarily an evil thing as long as the individual is strong enough to control the Beast within.

Kazumi Takiura

Kazumi Takiura - Kazumi only appears in the television series. She is a high school girl who works as a teen model. Kazumi idolizes Jun and the two are good friends. After her parents are slaughtered by a pair of Devil Beasts, she moves into Jun's apartment.

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