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Brian's Page - He so desperately wants to be in Korea.
Carol's Page - Another one of those West Coast people.
Eddie's Page - Home of the CJAS Newsletter HTML archive.
Jerry's Page - Keeps a nice Anime CD Encyclopedia on his site.
Lawrence's Page - A real Lain fanatic. Lots of interesting articles on his site.
Michael's Page - Come look at pictures from his recent trips to Japan, Thailand and Taiwan!


Anime on DVD - The source for all news related to anime on DVDs as well as some CD and manga reviews.
Anime Web Turnpike - Lots and lots and lots of anime links.


EN World - The best place to find news and reviews about roleplaying games.
Game FAQs - Stuck in a video game? Here's how you get unstuck.
White Wolf - Publishers of the World of Darkness line of games.
Wizards of the Coast - Publishers of Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons.


CD Japan - Definitely the place to go for CDs, LDs, and DVDs straight from Japan.
Garbage - My favorite American group. Members are Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, Duke Erikson and Steve Marker. Their latest album is entitled Bleed Like Me.
Globe - My favorite Japanese group. Members are Keiko Yamada, Marc Panther and TK.
J-Pop Database - A very extensive database for Japanese pop-stars.
Namie Amuro - A very popular J-Pop star. Recently had a concert in Hawaii.
Tetsuya Komuro (TK) - Former member of the popular group, TM Network, and current mega-producer for popular acts such as Namie Amuro and Globe.

Miscellaneous - For all your shopping needs.
Cornell Japanese Animation Society - My college anime club.
Cornell University - My college. Located in Ithaca, New York.
eBay - The best auction site on the web. Find just about anything you want.
Google - My search engine of choice. Feeling Lucky?

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