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by Gregory Marques
Pretty Sammy
    Real Name: Masaki Sasami Jurai
    Physical Age: 8
    Blood Type: O
    Height: 123cm
    Likes: cooking, playing with Ryo-oh-ki
    Transformation Power Words: jugeimu jugeimu gokouno surike Sammy Davis Broiler Chicken (Only partial translation is available.)
    Love Interest: Tenchi (way older than her)
    Enemies: Otaku and Takuo, led by the evil Kiyone
    Hair Things: flowers (lotus blossoms?)

      Those who enjoy Pretty Sammy in this will be glad to hear that there is supposedly an OAV series coming out soon, all about her adventures. I'm not an expert on her, having only seen the Mihoshi Special once myself. For more info, check out any number of sites on the web, or ask Lawrence; he knows too much about Pretty Sammy.

    Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
      Real Name: Serena
      Physical Age: 14
      Blood Type: O
      Birthday: June 30th
      Likes: eating, video games, shopping
      Transformation Power Words: Moon Prism Power, Moon Crystal Power
      Attack Power Words: Moon Tiara Magic, Moon Scepter Elimination
      Love Interest: (Prince) Darien / Tuxedo Mask. He's 21, a college student. Boy, I bet parents in this country wouldn't want their 14-year-olds going out with the over-21 crowd, eh?
      Enemies: Queen Beryl, Anne and Alan (they become good in the end), and the Dark Moon guy
      Hair Things: just plain red jewels

        I love Sailor Moon; it contains all the best of themes and ideas (too bad they destroyed the last episode of the first series when they cut and dubbed it). Serena shows that even people without the most perfect of qualities can be heroines/heroes if they have good within them.


        OK. Notice how they have many similarities: much older love interests, cats to talk to them, even the same blood type. Obviously they're related, right? Nothing else can explain it well enough. So that means that Serena must be Sasami and Tenchi's child. We already know that Serena's daughter is Reeny (Serena Jr.). Tenchi's father is, of course, Tenchi's father. What you don't know is that Washu and Kagato are Tenchi's grandfather's parents, and his human wife was one of the Dirty Pair, though it hasn't been determined which. In case you were wondering, yes, Shinohara and Noa do eventually get together, and they are actually Sasami's parents. Sasami was abducted by aliens (Ryouko and her first husband, Anthony Torza; he's really an alien in disguise, but we'll get to that later). Aeka eventually got a hold of Sasami and took her in as her sister after her memory was wiped. Sasami was the original choice for the movie Total Recall, but she was unavailable, being millions of miles away, so we all know who got the part. So little Reeny found love in the arms of Dark Schneider, and they had the twins (while living in China) Isumi and Shampoo. Shampoo had an affair with Artemis which led to Ryo-oh-ki, and then Ryo-oh-ki traveled back in time to visit her great grandparents, Sasami and Tenchi. In case you all were wondering, Sailor Mars' parents are indeed Kyoko and Godai; that's why she treats men so badly - she had Godai for a role model.

        Enjoy the Marathon!!

        [Note: the comments in this section are not those of the editor nor the production staff and should not be construed as such. If you feel the sudden need to lynch the blasphemer, keep in mind, he's the tall guy with long hair. -Ed.]

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