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    Just when you thought it was safe to return to CJAS... It's the return of the dueling critics, Mace and HaVoC. They've both come out of retirement to settle once and for all the most pressing question ever... Who should Kyoko marry?

Why Fly Coach When You Can Fly First Class?
by HaVoC

    I think that about says it all. The only reason that Godai has any chance with Kyoko is that he lives with her. Let's admit it... Compare Godai to Mitaka and the choice is clear. It's obvious that they both love Kyoko, but look at what Mitaka's gone through for Kyoko. The man's faced his worst fear and overcome it. He's refused marriage with a beautiful, rich, sweet, innocent, and perfect girl (so I'm a little biased). Above all, he's fought off the hordes of women who are charmed by his killer smile, and he's remained faithful to Kyoko. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Mitaka is not only loyal to Kyoko, but he is also rich, employed, and extremely responsible, as you will soon find out. As if that's not enough for any woman, let's just compare him to Kyoko's other choice, Godai. Godai is irresponsible, unemployed, failing out of a third-rate college, and broke. How can he provide for Kyoko if he can't even support himself? Yeah, yeah, Godai's sweet and all that (bleach... damned Keichi wanna-be), but sweetness don't bring home the bacon. Mitaka's vision of Kyoko's life with Godai, in which she's a poor woman working to death in the north of Japan, may not be so far off.

    Now let's consider another thing: Kyoko's mom likes Mitaka, and we all know that mothers are out for our best interests (oh God, did I say that?). Kyoko has already ignored her mother's advice once and married Souichiro, only to have him die soon after the marriage. Ignoring more of her mother's advice will only lead to more and more hardship between the two.

    OK, OK, so you're wondering what about Kyoko's feelings about the whole thing, ne? Sure, it seems that Kyoko likes Godai a lot more, but that's not really surprising considering that Kyoko never even gave Mitaka a fair shot. From the start, Kyoko refused to give Mitaka the same chances as Godai. Even when he took matters into his own hands and forced her to look upon him as a suitor, she refused to give him a fair chance. I think that if Kyoko had given Mitaka the same chance she gave Godai, then without a doubt, she would see all the qualities I've pointed out and would realize that Mitaka is, as my esteemed colleague Mace would say... "dreamy," a literal dream come true!

Go for Godai!!!
by Mason Chang

    OK, so Mitaka seems to be the perfect guy. He's rich, handsome, charming, athletic, and he's got a great set of teeth! But what really motivates this guy? If you think about it, Mitaka was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. There's nothing that this guy hasn't got or can't get... except for Kyoko. That's why he's so persistent with her. To Mitaka, winning Kyoko over is just another challenge for him to conquer. If Kyoko paid any attention at all to Mitaka, he'd probably just give up out of boredom. Mitaka just lives for the hunt.

    Godai seems to be pathetic at first glance; however, he's the kind of guy who'd give everything he had to the woman he loves and always be faithful. I'm not so sure you could say that about our resident playboy, Mitaka. Godai comes from a blue-collar family and doesn't have money to throw around like Mitaka does. Therefore, everything that Godai does is more difficult for him, but at least it comes from the bottom of his heart.

    Godai may be a bit irresponsible, but he's got a heart of gold. Remember Katsumi and her kids? Godai handled that situation perfectly and demonstrated how great he is at handling children. I'm sure that after one marriage and with her biological clock ticking away, Kyoko is thinking about having kids of her own. Kyoko and Godai would be the perfect pair of parents.

    Speaking of parents, Kyoko's mother and father aren't exactly the model of a blissful union. These two can't even have a normal conversation without having it escalate into shouting and pouting. Kyoko's father can't even let go of his twenty-five year old daughter while Kyoko's mother can't stop interfering in her life. If Kyoko wants to have a happy marriage and a normal relationship with her children, I don't think that she'd want to follow the example set by her parents.

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