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by John David Garza

    Thanks to all of you who took the time to fill out a survey last week. Thanks also goes to Eddie Chen for doing the number crunching in Excel. Here are the results:

Rankings of Spring 1997 Showings: CJAS Services:
1. Evangelion 8.75
2. Nausicaš 8.67
3. 3x3 Eyes II 7.75
4. IRIA 7.45
5. Marmalade Boy 7.36
6. Umi ga Kikoeru 7.28
7. DNA≤ 7.13
8. Patlabor 6.82
9. Gunsmith Cats 6.40
10. Bakuretsu r 5.32
11. BGC 5.29
12. Firetripper 4.88
1. Newsletter 7.90
1. Web Page 7.90
3. Manga Club 7.46

      Short Answer Responses:
      All together, seventy people responded (that's almost sixty percent of CJAS membership!) to the 1997 Spring CJAS survey. Among the questions asked was, "What would you like CJAS to show in the future?" A whopping 19 people (27%) demanded that we show The Vision of Escaflowne. Among the other top requests were Fushigi Yuugi (17%), the brand new X movie (10%), and KOR TV. More general requests were for less girly stuff, less blood and gore, and more romantic comedies.

      But more importantly, the winner of the most favorite character was (with 9% of the votes) -- Rei Ayanami (Evangelion). Close behind was Nausicaš (with about 4.5%). Other runner-ups were Shinji Ikari (Evangelion) and Masamichi Fujisawa (El-Hazard).

      What's your history?
      About ten percent cited Akira as the anime which lead to their current CJAS addiction. A couple of other influences were Robotech, Miyazaki films, and a couple of freshman who must be dragging people out of their North Campus dormrooms (thanks for the recruitment drive, Ayesha and Patty!). Other people owe their devotion to anime-inspired video games or old dubbed anime shows that use to air on TV back in the 80s.

      Well, don't worry... your opinions did not go unheard. The scheduling committee will be using this information, along with the wants and desires of the Executive Board (join E-Board today!), in order to figure out what we are going to show this coming Fall. So don't forget to look for the Fall 1997 survey!

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