FAQ and Hints


Q: How can I delete an existing card set?

A: The starting card sets have a protect flag set on them to prevent accidental editing and deletion.  You can turn off this protection by going into the Preferences and scrolling down to the Editable Card Sets section.  Turn the switch “On” to allow editing or deletion of the set.

You can also turn off editing of custom sets to protect them.

Q: After my first game, I don’t want to reuse any of those cards in my second game.

A: The options menu for the random card list has an option to let you replace all of the cards.  This will replace the cards without reshuffling the deck so that the previous cards will not appear.  You can do this as many times as you like until you run out of cards at which point you will need to reshuffle by tapping the refresh button.

Q: I’d like to disable a specific card in a set.

A: The ability to disable a specific card may be added in the future as a feature. In the meantime, there are a few workarounds.

The easiest is that when the card appears in your random list, just swipe it and replace it.

A more involved approach is to re-import the starting card data.  In Preferences at the bottom is a Reset section with options to re-import starting data.  This actually adds a new copy of the data and does not replace existing data.

You can use this to make a copy of the data. Exit and reenter Preferences and turn editing for the copies on.  You can then edit the sets in View Card Sets to rename them (“Dominion - Custom” for example) and delete any cards you dislike from these custom sets.

Finally, you can go to preferences and turn off the original sets and turn on your new custom sets.