Getting Fushigi Yuugi stuff
Formerly the Getting Anime stuff page
Formerly the Getting Fushigi Yuugi stuff page

Your options for getting various Fushigi Yuugi stuffs are:
  1. Buy it from Pioneer.
    Pioneer has acquired the rights to Fushigi Yuugi's tv episodes and will release them in the US beginning in Fall 1998.
    Current information (Jul-5-1998) indicates that it will be released both subbed and dubbed. It will be released over 17 volumes with 4 eps on the first tape and 3 eps on the rest. In addition to VHS, there will be a DVD release but no LD.
    At this time, Pioneer doesn't have the rights to the OAV series, but they may acquire them in the future.
    Pioneer also doesn't have rights to any FY merchandise but may acquire these also in the future.
  2. Go to Japan.
    Kinda expensive for shipping and handling but at least you'll get the current exchange rate. Also probably the only way to get UFO Catcher dolls.
  3. Use mail order stores.
    • I personally recommend the UCI Bookstore ( when looking for soundtrack CDs. Their prices are usually the best around for CDs but be careful when buying LDs.
    • Another source to try is Nikaku Animart (
      Both of these stores can special order items if they don't have it. Good in general for CDs, LDs, art books, and sometimes posters and pencil boards.
    • Sasuga ( is an online manga store. Their prices are on the high side compared to bookstores (see below).
  4. Visit a Japanese bookstore like Kinokuniya, Asahia or OCS.
    These are some of the Japanese bookstores in major metropolitan areas like NYC and LA. No I don't know how to get to them but I imagine they'd be listed in the phone book. The prices vary, but are usually reasonable enough for those that don't like waiting for mail order and need to have it now. CDs tend to be more expensive, manga tends to be more reasonably priced. They are bookstores so they are good for finding books like manga or art books. You can also find anime magazines like Animage or Newtype here. They don't usually have a very good selection of CDs and those tend to be more expensive than what you'd find via mail order.
  5. Visit Chinatown.
    Chinatowns tend to be the best place to find items like pencil boards, posters, and wall scrolls. You're most likely to find Sailor Moon or DBZ but it's possible to find Fushigi Yuugi and other series. Note that these will almost always be "bootleg" items made in Taiwan or Hong Kong. While on the subject of "bootlegs," let it also be noted that SM CDs can be found in Chinatown.
  6. Go to an anime convention.
    Your best chance of getting "real" pencil boards or posters would be to visit the dealer room of an anime convention. Conventions also will usually have a very wide selection of CDs, art books, LDs, model kits, etc... Prices vary. If you want to take a chance, there are usually large discounts on the last day of a convention. You can also try your hand at haggling over prices.

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