Anime Song Lyrics Revision Log

Last updated: Jul--d-2000

What's new

Jul-7-2000 Corrected Pure Snow with comments from "Jemmy".
Oct-29-1999 Added hashiru from Maaya Sakamoto's Dive.
Sep-1-1999 Added Itsuka...Shinjite from Nadeshico.
Jul-22-1999 Added Yucca from Maaya Sakamoto's Dive.
May-19-1999 Added Pure Snow from Himiko-den, kiseki no umi from Record of Lodoss Wars TV, Successful Mission from Saber Marionette J, Going History from Slayers EX and Active heart by Maaya Sakamoto.
Jan-7-1998 Added BOKU ra no rekishi from CLAMP Campus Detectives, 10 YEARS AFTER from 08th MS Team and Just Fallin' Love from Dominion Tank Police.
Jan-4-1998 Changed some internal structures around. People viewing the site shouldn't notice any differences, but if something doesn't work or looks weird, please email me and let me know.
Feb-9-1997 Added Hanareteitemo from Megumi Hayashibara's Bertemu and Arashi no nakade kagaya ite from 08th MS Team.
Jan-9-1997 Added Just toki wo koete from Dominion Tank Police and Wakatte itahazu from Fushigi Yuugi.
Jan-8-1997 Added Ai no Senshi and Suki to Itte from Sailor Moon.
Jan-5-1997 Added Hikari no Naka he from Escaflowne and Tenchi Muyo! from Tenchi Muyo! TV.
Oct-22-1996 Rearranged it so that the view as checkboxes retain their state when you change series.
Oct-20-1996 Added Boku wa motto Pioneer from Tenchi Muyo!, Monochrome Trouble from Bastard!!, and Tabi - iinochi no shou - from The Hakkenden.
Aug-23-1996 Added Yakusoku wa iranai translation by Glen Kawano for Escaflowne.
Aug-20-1996 Added Empty the Pocket Image song for Escaflowne.
Aug-19-1996 Added Key: The Metal Idol opening and closing.
Aug-18-1996 Made the non-form based song index listing.
Aug-17-1996 Started revision log so I can keep track of what's been updated.

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