Video Games

Updated: Jul-17-2001

I was never a big PC gamer especially after the big FPS craze hit. In my eternal laziness, I went a long before I got a 3d accelerator for my computer. Instead, I'm more of a console fan.

I got started on the 32-bit home console scene a bit late. I had a Genesis and Mega Drive throughout high school but I didn't progress to a Playstation until after college. Strictly speaking, the Playstation is my sister's as I gave it to her as a present. But since she was at college, it resided at my apartment. I've got a Japanese PSOne now though so she has hers back. I also have 3 Dreamcasts (long story). I'll probably get a PS2 sooner or later. And going portable, I've got a Neo Geo Pocket Color (Ocean Blue) and will get a GameBoy Advance sooner or later.

My favorite games in no particular order:
List of games I own.