Favorite sayings

Quoted ones aren't mine.
The term "alpha software" is secret code for, "It doesn't work!"
I believe I'm young as long as I think of snow as something that is fun.
"Most people have pictures of their family in their room. You've got Richard Dean Anderson." - Yes, she was talking about me.
Most people have pictures of their family in their cubicle. I've got Alphonse. - Updated for 1997.
"Well, it looks like someone is in major denial right now. But don't knock denial: it's not just a river in Egypt -- it's a survival strategy, too."
"This isn't a robot cartoon whose main character is an autistic kid or some punk." - Kiichi Goto
"Did you call me? I heard someone yell food." - Ling on Ally McBeal
"Famous last words from me: 'Sure, I'll head up the Y2K project.'" - Ray Lee
"Of course, a lot of those titles may be junk. A lot of everything is junk." - Roger Ebert
"Alright I'm afraid. But it's an irrational fear." - Dana Scully