All of the prizes below were donated by Raymond DiPasquale of Distortion Gallery and Lawrence Eng of thought experiments lain.

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Grand Prize

Lain cel

Lain cel

Description: This original production cel (which comes with its associated pencil sketch) is from layer:02 GIRLS--the scene where Lain first sees the Navi delivery man waiting for her. This cel is numbered A-11.

2nd Place

Lain cel

Lain cel

Description: This original production cel (which does not come with a pencil sketch) is from layer:10 LOVE--the scene where Lain is yelling at Eiri/Deus. This cel is numbered A-14.

3rd Place

Mika cel

Mika cel

Description: This original production cel (which comes with its associated pencil sketch) is from layer:05 DISTORTION--the scene where Mika is in the restroom seeing the writing on the wall ("fulfill the prophesy"). This cel is numbered A-12.

4th Place

Lain garage kit: after assembly Lain garage kit: before assembly

Lain garage kit (assembly required)

Description: This figure is not always easy to find, and it tends to be quite expensive. According to HobbyLink Japan: "This item is a fixed-pose resin-cast figure kit. It requires both cement and painting to complete or use. 7 parts...Can be completed as one of two versions (hood up or down)."

5th Place

lunchbox front lunchbox back

Lain full-size lunchbox (front and back views)

Description: Released by Palisades, this lunchbox is currently out-of-production, and the company is only selling "mini" lain lunchboxes at this time. The full-sized lunchboxes sold out quickly because Pioneer snatched up a whole lot of them to make their lain DVD lunchbox sets. Those (expensive) box sets can still be found in some stores and on ebay, but the lunch box by itself is not so easy to find.

6th Place

serial experiments lain - Ultimate Fan Guide

"serial experiments lain - Ultimate Fan Guide"

Description: "I have a detailed review of this book here. Although my contribution to this book wasn't huge, I'm still listed in the credits, so (if the 5th place winner wants me to) I'll sign this prize copy. - Lawrence".

Honorable mention (Judge's award-Ray)

Lain doll

Lain doll (schoolgirl outfit)

Description: Released by Toynami, this "Limited Edition Collector's Action Doll" features "Over 20 points of articulation" and "Interchangeable hands". Supposedly, they only made 3,000 of these.

Honorable mention (Judge's award-Law)

Niea_7 postcard

Niea_7 clear postcard

Description: After lain, Niea_7 was the next project for producer Yasuyuki Ueda and character designer Yoshitoshi ABe. "At Anime Expo 2001, Chad Kime of Pioneer LDC gave me a bunch of these nifty postcards to give away at my lain panel. I kept two extras: one to keep and one to give away later. - Lawrence".

Early Bird Award #1

trailer DVD (front) trailer DVD (back)

Pioneer 2002 Trailer DVD (front and back)

Description: Pioneer gave these away at Anime Expo 2002. In addition to featuring lots of neat trailers, this promo DVD has a Lain image on its cover by Yoshitoshi ABe, the original of which was displayed at the convention art show. As far as we know, the only other place that image can be found is on a special edition Japanese phonecard that isn't very easy to find.

Early Bird Award #2

Lain scroll

Wall scroll

Description: A nice-looking wall decoration that will brighten any lain fan's day.

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