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Lain links

Last removal of dead links: 11/21/09
Latest addition of new links: 11/21/09

Pages on this server:

thought experiments lain (Updated: 11/21/2009)
Annotated glossary, interpretations, and related links
misceLAINeous (Updated: 11/21/2009)
My page of random lain stuff (images, basic info, merchandise, figures, publications, music, etc.)
Infomania: What is the relationship between Apple and lain? (Updated: 11/21/2009)
Apple Computer references in serial experiments lain

layer 14: SIMULACRA (Updated 3/5/2003)
a serial experiments lain fanart contest

Places to discuss lain:

serial-experiments-lain mailing list
lain mailing list
metaphorize mailing list
Lain_Iwakura mailing list
Layers_ML mailing list (Spanish)
Serial Experiments Lain forum on
experience the wired. lain fans on
Hello Navi... more lain fans on
Serial Experiments Lain Icons lain icon-making community on
Serial Experiments Lain more lain fans on
ICQ Experiments Lain

Offsite links:

AB's CG Homepage Yoshitoshi ABe (serial experiments lain original character designer) (Japanese)
The Official Boa Web Site the British band who wrote and performed "Duvet", the opening song of lain
CHABO web BOOK the official website of Nakaido "Chabo" Reichi, who was responsible for most of the music in lain including "A Cry to Fade", the closing song (which he performed) (Japanese)
Serial Experiments Lain on TechTV's "Anime Unleashed" website
The Easter Egg Archive : Serial Experiments Lain how to access the easter eggs on the domestic lain DVDs
Serial Experiments Lain: Root images, movies, sounds, and music
Knighttime + Report MiBs at Anime Central '01!
Lain CD Information
- = On the threshold to the Shrine to Lain = - another fanart gallery
FanFiction.Net (Lain section) fanfic archive
Omnipresence home of the official lain fanlisting
"Serial Experiments Lain" Song Lyrics and Translations
Religion virtuelle (French)
Lainwebsite (French)
serial experiments lain (French) - serial experiments lain (Spanish)
A Lain Page (Spanish)
kuresu no webu - connect to the wired... (German)
Serial Experiments Lain (Hungarian)
Lain.Ru (Russian)
layer:06 KIDS..... (Slovakian)
Accela Distributorette
The Serial Experiments Lain Drinking Game
Review: Serial Experiments Lain, by Bad Jew
Serial Experiments Lain Review
Layer 10
2: Knowledge
~Serial Experiments~ lain's Realm
layer03: PSYCHE...
Have you ever seen the lain?
Welcome to the Wired
To Weird
The WiReD
Gateway to the Wired
Lain's page
Lain - Alive in Cyberspace
The Wired: Iwakura Experiments
serial experiments lain - Euphoria
lain webring (Japanese)
Serial Experiments Lain listing on
Serial Experiments Lain (TV) listing on Anime News Network
Serial Experiments Lain listing on
Serial Experiments Lain - Television Tropes & Idioms on
Serial Experiments Lain listing on TV Tome
Serial Experiments Lain listing on
serial experiments lain features a report on the "lain talk live" event held in "Loft-Plus-One", Shinjuku, Japan (English and Japanese)

Alice 6 Alice 6 Chiaki J. Konaka's Web Page (serial experiments lain writer) (Japanese)
Pioneer LDC lain Pioneer's official site for the lain anime (Japanese)
Cloud Lain: Windarrow's Cloud Layer Windarrow's Cloud Layer - About Lain features very nice desktop images
Distortion Gallery Distortion Gallery displaying a private collection of lain cels and other merchandise
LainOS LainOS attempting to create a modified version of FreeBSD 4.5 that will resemble Lain's Navi
Enter the Wired Enter the Wired
The Cyberia Cafe Serial Experiments Lain: The Cyberia Cafe
Club Cyberia Club Cyberia
Serial Experiments Lain: Deeply Serial Experiments Lain: Deeply (Spanish)
lain disconnected lain disconnected (German)

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