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lainspotter: One whose hobby is watching and compiling information about lain. Hence lainspotting; lainspot.
See also: trainspotter, anorak, hacker, otaku

(A column by Lawrence Eng, the webmaster of thought experiments lain)

The life of a Lonely Webmaster

Last updated: 4/26/05
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Introducing lainspotting (version 2)

Veteran readers of TEL know that this column is so infrequently updated. Part of the problem is that there's not nearly as much lain-related news as there used to be. So even if I was less busy and had more time to do updates, making sure that lainspotting was always about lain in some way or another was really quite constraining. Furthermore, actually creating updates took a lot of work (everything in TEL is hand-coded HTML). I decided, therefore, to retire this version of lainspotting. Using some third-party blogging tools, I have created a new version of lainspotting which will discuss a wider-range of topics. It can be found here:

Please feel free to visit and leave comments.

The lainspotting Archives:

10/27/04: All's fair in love and research

6/15/04: An Update for the Ages

7/21/03: 5 Years On...

5/6/03: "Listen well..."

3/12/03: The Ides of March

12/31/02: "Another year over..."

9/14/02: "I don't mind if you forget me"

8/12/02: Back Into the Fold

5/15/02: Young Otaku's Tale

3/9/02: On the Social Construction of TEL

1/29/02: A Matter of Stolen Identity

12/1/01: It's all about stuff

11/18/01: John C. Lilly (1915-2001)

9/28/01: Life itself, an anime convention, and gifts from Troy

7/12/01: Lain World Tour - Anime Expo 2001

6/24/01: "TEL and Back Again"

5/4/01: The History and Philosophy of thought experiments lain

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