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sneak.01 (LPR-309)

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Title: sneak.01
Designation: LPR-309
Format: DVD video
Region: Unlisted
Type: Promo
Year: 1998
Running time: 4 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
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This promo DVD was apparently given to members of the press and vendors to promote the release of the serial experiments lain anime in the US. It is marked "NOT FOR SALE, Promotional use only".

produced by production 2nd
clip-work editor: kumio onaga (ACC)
illustration: yoshitoshi ABe
clip-work direction: yasuyuki ueda
all music written by akira takemoto
mastering: dai Ohtsuka, hiroyuki nagata (IMAGICA)
Track listing:
Multi Angles:
1. CLIP of the real world
2. CLIP of the invisible bridge
3. CLIP of the wired world

Audio Streams:
1. 13th floor elevator / smile back version
2. 13th floor elevator / be funny to...version
3. 13th floor elevator / laugh out version
back of the Japanese version

My review:
This disc is a gem. Its rarity makes it valuable, especially to die-hard collectors. As even the most common lain merchandise is rare to begin with, this DVD can be classified as being extra-rare. The Japanese version of this DVD (same DVD, different back cover) was once auctioned off for approximately $550! In the US, the disc was primarily distributed to vendors and members of the press, but stray copies are known to be floating around.

The disc features three video clips lasting about 4 minutes each. The video contains scenes from the various lain Layers cut and edited together like a music video. Each clip has a corresponding music track. As far as I know, the other lain CDs (OST, Cyberia Mix, Bootleg, Duvet) do not contain these tracks, which are various mixes of a song called "13th floor elevator". Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this DVD is that it features true Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, better even than the audio featured on the lain DVDs proper. The masterfully edited video clips combined with a great soundtrack in Dolby 5.1 make this DVD a unique and wonderful part of the overall lain experience.

The serial experiments lain DVD box set "resurrection" was released in Japan on March 3rd, 2000. This box set includes LPR-309. As such, the DVD is now slightly more available than it used to be.

LPR-309 was also included as part of the lain promo kit sent to vendors. The full kit (in a cardboard box) included LPR-309, a VHS tape of layer:01 dubbed, and a sales sheet (pictured below, images courtesy of Arakune).
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Chris Beveridge of has another review of this disc.

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