Pictures from the Honeymoon


Day1-1: the view from the room, bright and early at 6:30AM.
Day1-2: the honeymoon even started out with a rainbow.
Day1-3: the big tree with funky roots in Kapiolani Park
Day1-4: Greg "kissing" the sleeping monk seal.
Day1-5: the afternoon shot from the balcony.
Day1-6: the sunset over the beach.
Day2-1: breakfast was full of fresh fruit.
Day2-2: the gigantic carp in the pond in front of the hotel.
Day2-3: the Diamond Head shot. The big tree is seen in the distance.
Day2-4: a secret place.
Day2-5: at the Dole Pineapple Plantation maze, the largest in the world.
Day2-6: on the other side of the island.
Day2-7: our first rent-a-car.


Day 3-1:our huge room at the bed and breakfast in Poipu.
Day3-2: the Spouting Horn - it sounded like Darth Vader over a rusty microphone.
Day3-3: at the Botanical Garden, a hot pink plumeria tree.
Day3-4: our second rent-a-car - couldn't resist the convertible.
Day3-5: no honeymoon would be complete without a native cat (this oneand his brother seemed to live (quite well) at the restaurant).
Day4-1: on the raft tour of the Na Pali coast.
Day4-2: more of the amazing cliffs. (the underwater pics will come later)
Day5-1: this time, hiking on the coast.
Day5-2: lush...
Day5-3: a stream ran into the ocean where we ended up.
Day5-4: feeding the wild kittens on this remote beach the remains of mysandwich. There was another black cat.
Day5-5: partway up the upper trail.
Day5-6: the surf was too dangerous to swim here.
Day5-7: starting the hike back.
Day5-8:the windy part.
Day5-9: a wild mouse? rat? I guess this is what the kittens eat, althoughhe seemed almost friendly.
Day6-1: beach bumming after snuba, the pictures for which will come later.
Day6-2: a random picture.


Day 7 was mostly traveling.
Day8-1: suddenly, it's urban. The bullet train!
Day8-2: my youngest aunt and my oldest aunt, in Yamagata prefecture.
Day8-3: one of the many shrines in Japan.
Day8-4: getting a drink from the spring.
Day8-5: the hot springs town. You can barely see it, but the ditch iscovered in sulfur from the spring runoff.
Day8-6: our room in the traditional-style inn.
Day8-7: Greg was too large for his yukata.
Day8-8: the amazing dinner.
Day9-1: going up the mountain on the gondola.
Day9-2: I wonder what the per capita number of vending machines in Japanis.
Day9-3: outside the inn.
Day9-4: a pretty ravine in Yamagata.
Day10-1: on the way to Tokyo Tower. It was a hot and hazy day.
Day10-2: the monument for the dogs left behind in Antarctica (2 out of15 survived) by the base of the Tower.
Day10-3: we were going for that "X" angle.
Day10-4: the view from the Tower.
Day11-1: some people doing an exercise on the Nihon-maru.
Day11-2: the view from our hotel room on the 64th floor, in Yokohama.We went to see Escaflowne the movie in the mall in the lower left.
Day11-3: every hotel room seemed to have these tea sets.
Day12-1: Akihabara electric town!
Day12-2: my uncle made us a cake when we were over for dinner. It rivaledthe wedding cake in goodness - white cake with Grand Marnier, with shavedwhite chocolate and cherries.
Day13-1: we met another aunt in Sapporo, Hokkaido, and she took us tothe famous Sapporo Beer Garten.
Day13-2: her beloved Yorkshire terrier, Chocolat.
Day14-1: a Tokyo Tower wanna-be in downtown Sapporo.
Day14-2: up the lift (Greg).
Day14-3: the view from the mountain. Even in Hokkaido, the city seemedto go on and on.
Day14-4: down the lift (Lillian).
We flew home on Day 16 after another full day in Akihabara. There'sstill a bunch of undeveloped pictures (especially the underwater ones)so stay tuned.

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