Excerpts from the reunion party guestbook:

Katie was here! Missing in action - but found again! See you in VAIL!

Great seeing everyone! Thanks!

Yeah! Reunion!

Had a wonderful time, thanks for the memories!

So good to see everyone here!

I'm so glad I came. It was great to catch up!
-Jen D.

Dude man bro - unreal! 'Nuff said.
-The notorious S.D.K. (Stan) c/o 93 LSC Byatch!
Holler out!

Overheard: "Just sign the damn book!" -Heather B. to Mark K.
Overheard: "Don't think too much" -Mark K. to Heather B. as she
contemplated what to write.

Too late... Thanks.
-Heather B.

To Latin:
Thank you Lillian, Emily + Billy Fox - I appreciate your efforts.
All the best, Tom

Only a class of 47 could manage to fill this many (3) pages by midnight. Where's Jimmy Chuck and Jonathan "Yohan" Yates?

So happy I came! Hopeful to stay in better touch. I certainly can't believe it's been ***10*** years already! Best wishes...

Great to see so many of you. Best wishes.

Surprisingly warm and comfortable. Thank you for accepting me as me and for remembering me so fondly. Years of unnecessary insecurities are swiftly relieved w/ a few drinks, smiles, hugs, and 2-minute 10-year summaries. Lots of love to all of you; health, happiness, and prosperity to all.
-Eric D.