Update History

Added pics to Gallery.
Password protected directory (ok, James did all of it).
First attempt at wiki.
Various times in the summer/03
Adding various people.
Made form.htm
Wow, I haven't touched this page in 2 1/2 years. It's about time. There was just no motivation without a reason, and this time it's to create a page for my high school reunion. The original page may be viewed here.
The CJAS guys put up some wedding pictures already. You can count on them to be fast.
I'm figuring the only people who check this history page are Law, and maybe some other CJAS people.
Big change to About Us. See, it's a good thing to check back often. ;) Not much else, except I'm 25 now. There's also been some problems with people getting rooms at the Inn. They turn you away if you don't say you are an invited guest to the wedding.
At this point I figure I should be regularly updating the time counter.
("Slope Day!") Minor seasonal activities updates came out.
Got a hotel to block space for guests.
Where did all those months go?? Finalized logistics and put up The Plan page, finally. Linked Kathleen's homepage and put up pictures from her wedding. Finally got a registry going at Williams-Sonoma. I'm looking for some place to make another one... Put up the "About Us" page. Thank you Law!
More pictures!
Began pictures.htm and added images.
Began travelinfo.htm
Began history.htm and logistics page but the latter will not come online until things are more concrete.
After lots of deliberating, finally signed on with the Rose Inn. Phew. Good thing Ithaca is in the middle of nowhere.
I have the photographer, baker, and florist at this point. Oh, and the dress. :)
Got started on this webpage project.
September is when I actually started to call the professionals to book for the wedding.
Greg proposed on May 4th. We negotiated about dates for the wedding in July.


Thanks to James for the keyframe account. Thanks to Jerry for helping me set up and ftp literally step by step, and for putting up with my ignorance. Thanks to Lawrence for his anal site design ideas. Thanks to Doris for the alumni page source.