because foad says so

Guitars, Drums, Cheap Microphones, A Massive Database of Quotes, Multitrack Software, And Not Enough Patience to Make This Kind of Music; This Is because foad says so

songs for download:

Three Street Lights Are Dead; One Is Blinking
  The critics say:
You know those moments you get when you hear a great song for the first time? There's always that one part that you just connect with so well that you can't get enough of listening to it. Because foad says so's debut song is, to some extent, like that the whole way through. Blaring guitars seem to announce the advent of some head of state, and the whole affair proceeds with military discipline and measured effect. The violent explosion never comes: the parade merely approaches and recedes. The voice adds a lot of depth to the song. The lantern song opens up its sound to various voices and influences within the collective, letting moments of pop/rock, ambient and even hip-hop blossom where once there was only gravelly symphonics and aural landscape. That's why BFSS-- along with Jeremiah, Blaise Finnegan, Card, and every other prophet of doom-- might all turn out to be wrong. Perhaps it does get better before it gets worse.
    -C. Hulshof, 03-07-2005
  Fan response:
Three Street Lights Are Dead; One Is Blinking is an amazing song. Has that feel of post apocalyptic/Fallout/Mad Max/Fallen Angel/Orwellian all mashed into one that makes it a great thing to listen to when doing long hours of work. Listened to it 50+ times now, and it's still cool. When it's 2x2x, it sounds alot like a video game, sort of like a song you'd expect to find in a game like Last Battle.
Tell Hans his monologues were great. Gave that orwellian taste right away. Big Brother on the radio spewing doctrine. 2 thumbs WAY up.
   -Allan Clark
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so there i was, recently listening to a bunch of post-rock, like mogwai and mono, when i realized, hey, i could totally make this kind of music, it's just guitars and drums which i both have, and there's no lyrics or melody which is what i always had trouble with before, i am so post-rock! when i bounced this idea off of foad, the local post-rock enthusiast, well, i don't remember exactly, but i'm sure he was very supportive and even offered a band name, "Smoo the Outerspacian", to which i replied, no, that is lame, i think it should be called because foad says so, which was then readily agreed upon
and that is the story of how because foad says so was formed
because foad says so is built upon these principles of post-rock as decreed by foad:
  1. the longer the band name the better
  2. the longer the song length the better
  3. the longer the song title the better

because foad says so is:
 me - guitars, drums
 Hans - monologues, song titles

all music written, mixed, and produced by me

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