Otakon 2015

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Otakon 2015

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As in previous years, I'm organizing a "CJAS and Friends" room block for Otakon 2015.

If you are interested, please add your information to the Google Form linked from:


If you want to look at the list to see if I have you, you can do so at:


This year, I have rooms booked at the Sheraton Inner Harbor.

If you're interested in going to Otakon and staying with us, please send me an e-mail. There is no-obligation, so even if you are still unsure but are considering it, let me know so that I can keep you in the loop regarding future developments.

If, for some reason, I get so many responses that I don't have enough space to handle the worst-case scenario, I will send an e-mail out with more information, but that has never happened in the past. Historically, I've never had to turn anyone away who asked for space.

This year, we'll probably go 4 people per room, with a cost of around $90-$120 per person for the whole weekend. Thursday nights may be extra. There will be a online web system for picking what room to go into so that you can decide who your roommates will be. If you're interested in seeing how things have gone in past years, the mailing list archives are at: http://www.cjas.org/pipermail/otakon/

This offer is also extended to non-cjas friends you may know. So feel free to pass this information along. When e-mailing me, please include your real name if it's not indicated in your e-mail address.

Also, starting 2007, we took over the Otakon gameshow, and will be continuing with that in 2015. Videos of the 2011 game show are at:


We need a lot of help with this event, both before and during the con. If you're interested in helping us develop questions and game play, or if you're available to help at Otakon staffing the show, please let me know.

James Kao
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