What manga are you all reading? Recommendations?

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What manga are you all reading? Recommendations?

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These are the manga I am currently reading (even if there are slow updates for some):

Sekaioni- Probably the craziest manga on this list. People who have a certain psychological disability (called Alice in Mirrorland Syndrome) are recruited by creatures known as Cheshire Devils. Each night, they are brought to fight for the fate of mankind. They even have the power to materialize weapons based on their knowledge and understanding of them. However, what does it mean to fight in this strange world, and what exactly are the enemies they are told to fight?

Boku no Hero Academia- The series is pretty good so far, but nothing stands out from your average battle manga. Right now, I feel like what the series needs to become great is to flesh out its antagonists and tell us what it really wants to accomplish. Some overarching question like "Are villains just the civilians that heroes fail to save? Can heroes and society really understand each other?"

Tsuyokute New Saga- Basically, the New Game+ of fantasy manga. A hero defeats the demon lord after losing all of his comrades and being gravely injured. In the demon lord's castle, he finds a powerful stone that allows him to go back and fix his mistakes. It has promise and is a decent read so far, but it needs to step up and be more ambitious.

D-Frag- Recommend this to anyone who wants a good lighthearted comedy with quirky characters. Basically, a delinquent with spiky hair gets abducted by a Game Creation Club and is forced to join. Over time, he begins to see that the club, while being full of talented people, only seems to achieve victory through trickery and deception.

How I stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the Zenithian Sword- Despite how the title sounds, it is actually an interesting parody of your stereotypical RPG setup (specifically Dragon Quest). The main character is just an NPC that sits by a campfire and gathers wood. However, he is determined to make something of himself, like the RPG heroes that he sees coming into town. When his town is destroyed, he is forced to become stronger. But can he really save the world with his low stats and lack of experience?

Onepunch man- Getting an anime! A hero named Saitama is bored of always defeating enemies with one punch. He can never enjoy fights like he used to when he was training to be an everyday hero. However, now that heroes have become commercialized, the public sees less and less of what Saitama does. This manga is basically a subversion of your typical hero setup, with a good mix of comedy and action.

Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken- If you are okay with a little bit of fanservice and harem, this is actually pretty funny. A commoner guy is transferred to an all-girls school where everyone is rich, because they need someone to teach these rich people about the real world. The catch? He is only allowed to keep his...err..."manhood"... by stating that he is gay and loves muscular men. It is funny to see how the rich students react to everyday things, like McDonalds and arcade games. They do a lot of jokes relevant to modern society (the iPhone joke got me).

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun- Parodies of shoujo manga taken to hilarious extremes. Definitely worth reading.

Waratte! Sotomura-san- Sotomura is perceived by her classmates to be a delinquent, since she cannot make a convincing smile. She is actually very nice and likes cute things, but her awkwardness makes her classmates misinterpret everything in delinquent terms. A nice feel-good manga, even if progress with clearing other people's misunderstandings is very slow.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi- There is an aspiring manga artist who is criticized by editors for not being able to write with passion in his work. He also happens to have an ability to recognize when bad things are about to happen, and is given a set number of chances to find and fix the cause. However, when things get rough in his own life, he goes back in time to his childhood, where he starts to remember all the regrets he had. Guilt over all the people he couldn't save. Really touching mystery manga with good characters. Been a while since I've seen an update, though.

Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu- A 34 year old NEET dies and is reborn in the world of magic as a little kid. He decides to live his life differently and make something of himself by becoming a prodigy of magic. Good fantasy manga.

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari- This is honestly really awesome. A guy is sucked into a fantasy world where 4 chosen heroes are fated to save the world from destruction. The only problem? He gets stuck with only being able to use a shield as a weapon, and because of that, no one will want to side with him. He gets taken advantage of and looked down upon by everyone at first. So he becomes a "Screw everyone, I'll do what I want" character who actually is still more admirable than the other heroes. He takes care of the random towns and an enslaved monster child. Interested in seeing where it goes.

Rain- Always been a fan of strategic warriors who are very nonchalant and seem to do whatever they want. Good fantasy manga with great art, interesting characters, and a reasonably good villain. Not much else I can ask for.

Suashi no Meteorite- Someone needs to translate the last chapter! Like, why would they just stop? One of those manga that starts out really lighthearted, looking like a comedy. Then you start to see things gradually get worse, until everything you knew is actually worse than you expected. But the drama near the end was great. I want to see the last chapter ;_;

Anyway, if you want to share your list or recommend your favorite manga, I'm open to suggestions :D
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