The End of OneManga

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The End of OneManga

Post by Mr. Sandman »

I noticed the forums were kinda quiet lately, so I'm just posting to see if anyone's still alive.

In any case, I'm rather saddened by the end of OneManga, inevitable though it was. I'm really going to miss it, but I guess I should be kinda glad that such a major timewaster (for me anyway) is off the Internet. Figures: the day I get my Internet back, I lose out on trying to catch up on Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Oh, well.

Anyone feeling a bit nostalgic because of all this?
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Re: The End of OneManga

Post by Mike »

I get kind of confused by all the commotion, because OneManga wasn't the first and isn't the only manga aggregator out there (though I guess it was the current most popular). Scanlations are still all over the internet and I don't think anything will fundamentally change. I'd compare it to Suprnova but OneManga wasn't comparatively as dominant.
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