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Moderator: Okay everybody. Showtime! I'm going to close the floor now and go into moderation. I'll post an introduction, enable our guests, and THEN take questions. Enjoy!
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Moderator: Can you guys type to the screen?
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Moderator: Hi everybody, Išm your moderator Ben Trumble, and tonight the Anime Colony at SCIFI is pleased to welcome the creators of Serial Experiments Lain, Yasuyuki Ueda (creator/producer) and Yoshitoshi ABe (character designer.)
Moderator: Yasuyuki Ueda has worked on the SONY Playstation game Noel as director, has produced several other animes and discovered Yoshitoshi ABe during the conception process of Lain. In 1994, ABe won 2nd Prize in Koudansha Magazine's Summer Season Award. Since then, he has worked on the Furu-Machi ("Old Town") CD-ROM/Artbook, the Lain Playstation designs, the "WachenRoder" SEGA Saturn game, and other commercical and non-commercial works.
Moderator: A brief word about the drill. This is a moderated chat. Please send your questions for our guests to me, Moderator, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)
Moderator: And now our first question!
Moderator: <Hiperu> to <Moderator>: What was Abe-san biggest influences on his artwork?
Moderator: Did you get that question?
ABe-SAN: My art work is influenced by anything around me, including nature
ABe-SAN: ga
Moderator: <LainFan> to <Moderator>: This for Yasuyuki Ueda: What is the significance of bears in Serial Experiments Lain?
GERONIMO-U: The idea came from the animator Mr. Kishida
GERONIMO-U: When I saw it, I thought "How come you're such a kid?"
GERONIMO-U: This is a very serious series, but the bear is comedic.
GERONIMO-U: The director explained when Lain talks to the family...
GERONIMO-U: That bear serves as a protection or wall to talk to the family.
GERONIMO-U: So I listened to the director's explaination and agreed.
GERONIMO-U: And the appearance was so cute, so I just accepted it.
Moderator: <Ashitaka> to <Moderator>: To Ueda: What was the main feature(s) in ABe's art style that made you choose him for the Lain character design?
GERONIMO-U: I had some imagination about the story and character already
GERONIMO-U: and Mr. ABe's style was exactly the same as I imagined
Moderator: <SSJ-Majin-Vegeta> to <Moderator>: Where do you get your inspiration for the characters and story line you develop?
GERONIMO-U: Nothing so special
GERONIMO-U: Everything came from inside of me -- based on my experiences and feelings.
GERONIMO-U: Music, movies, and arts -- everything inspired.
ABe-SAN: when I was talking with Mr. Ueda and Mr. Konaka the image of Lain was formed in my mind. And also when I was talking with Mr. Ueda I can sense there is Lain in Mr. Ueda
Moderator: <Kokujin> to <Moderator>: Since we already mentioned influences, I wondered if anything was drawn from American media?
Moderator: Just a reminder. Wešre chatting with Lain creators Yasuyuki Ueda and Yoshitoshi ABe. This chat is presented by the anime colony here at SCIFI. This is a moderated chat. Please send your questions for our guests to me, Moderator, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)
GERONIMO-U: I have too many sources to mention.
GERONIMO-U: Old movies for example
GERONIMO-U: The books translated to Japanese
GERONIMO-U: There is no Japanese person who was not influenced by American Culture (in my generation).
GERONIMO-U: THE RELIC by Robert Johnson (it's music)
GERONIMO-U: (blues music)
GERONIMO-U: Tom Waitts
GERONIMO-U: Let me think about american literature...
ABe-SAN: As you can see the title is in English, Serial Experiment Lain, Japanese culture itself has been influenced by American culture so it felt natural to do so
GERONIMO-U: Some books from New Age category
Moderator: I guess this one would have to be a natural follow-up :)
Moderator: <Myu-Myu> to <Moderator>: Ueda-san, in an interview, you say that Lain is a form of cultural warfare against American culture and values. What are some examples of cultural warfare employed within the Lain anime?
GERONIMO-U: There is nothing in LAIN
GERONIMO-U: no warfare in LAIN
GERONIMO-U: Warfare cannot be in the artworks
GERONIMO-U: [please wait -- there may be mistranslation]
GERONIMO-U: I wanted to make a cultural war.
GERONIMO-U: There is no warfare in the artwork
GERONIMO-U: However I wanted to go against normal rules and standards.
GERONIMO-U: If I wanted to talk about this issue, it would take too long
GERONIMO-U: I would like to make room for everyone's question.
GERONIMO-U: This explanation could not be explained in 5 minutes
GERONIMO-U: And I REALLY want to explain my feelings completely
GERONIMO-U: I'm sorry.
GERONIMO-U: E-mail to personally -- but you have to study Japanese perfectly first
Moderator: <JRock> to <Moderator>: how long did the production of Lain take?
GERONIMO-U: It took 2 years since the plan started.
GERONIMO-U: The production itself took 8 months.
Moderator: <Hiperu> to <Moderator>: What is the significance of Lain's hairstyle (the ponytail on the side)?
ABe-SAN: B/C Mr. Ueta requested me to design character that is not symmetrical
GERONIMO-U: I wanted to make everything unstable and disconcerting
Moderator: <midnightq2> to <Moderator>: to ABe: Are there any artists who particularly influenced you or who you particularly like?
ABe-SAN: sorry there is more
Moderator: Oops... Sorry
Moderator: I'll repost the question when you're done
ABe-SAN: when Mr. Ueta told me about that, I imagined a girl with the shoulder length hair who had cut her own hair and she had made ponytail with the rest of her hair
ABe-SAN: that's how Lain's hairstyle became
Moderator: <midnightq2> to <Moderator>: to ABe: Are there any artists who particularly influenced you or who you particularly like?
Moderator: Just a reminder. Wešre chatting with Lain creators Yasuyuki Ueda and Yoshitoshi ABe. This chat is presented by the anime colony here at SCIFI. This is a moderated chat. Please send your questions for our guests to me, Moderator, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)
GERONIMO-U: About the hair -- this isn't explained in the TV series, but it is explained in the LAIN video game, it is a superstitious way
GERONIMO-U: to stop evil spirits and bad luck from entering through the ears.
ABe-SAN: First, Lain was my pure creation
ABe-SAN: however when I drew lines I was influenced by Kenji Tsuruta, Akihiro Yamada, Range Murata
ABe-SAN: As a manga artist I was influenced by
ABe-SAN: Yukinobu Hoshino
Moderator: <Ashitaka> to <Moderator>: to both: Some people say that anime/manga is to escape from reality; others say it is to identify with the reader's real world. What is your opinion about this?
GERONIMO-U: It all depends on the reader or audience.
GERONIMO-U: [Sorry the translator misunderstood the question]
GERONIMO-U: [for Mr. ABe-san]
ABe-SAN: for viewers who wants to try to understand other people, the person has to use thier imagination
ABe-SAN: trying to imagine the creation
GERONIMO-U: I would like to ask do YOU think about anime/manga.
GERONIMO-U: Is it an escape from reality or reflection of the real world?
ABe-SAN: is the same as trying to understand reality
ABe-SAN: so another words
ABe-SAN: trying to understand the creation helps\
ABe-SAN: the person
ABe-SAN: understand the real world
ABe-SAN: wait there's more
ABe-SAN: although there are people who escape from reality
ABe-SAN: using animation or fantasy
ABe-SAN: I feel sorry about that
ABe-SAN: I hope those people can use same energy to understand reality
Moderator: <Kokujin> to <Moderator>: To Ueda: Mr. Konaka spoke to me of there being one "true" answer to LAIN and the he was surprised to see how many alternatives were brought up. Could you enlighten us as to this "true" answer?
Moderator: Just a reminder. Wešre chatting with Lain creators Yasuyuki Ueda and Yoshitoshi ABe. This chat is presented by the anime colony here at SCIFI. This is a moderated chat. Please send your questions for our guests to me, Moderator, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)
GERONIMO-U: I imagined Mr. Konaka meant that
ABe-SAN: when Mr. Konada scattered mysteries after he finished the setting and story line
GERONIMO-U: I imagined that Mr. Konaka said that there is one TRUE answer between the creative team
ABe-SAN: Mr. Konaka kept those mysteries vague or unanswered
GERONIMO-U: "This is true" this is not illusion. It is a focus that we could make a setting around.
GERONIMO-U: When creating LAIN.
GERONIMO-U: This "True" answer was only for us. We don't expect the audience to feel the same way. That there wouldn't be just one answer for the audience.
ABe-SAN: Mr. Konaka wanted it a mystery b/c he believed giving the answer was not the purpose
ABe-SAN: so there can be different answers or analysis
ABe-SAN: this is writtened in a manner where there is not meant to be A answer
Moderator: Biohamhock> to <Moderator>: What made you choose Boa's Duvet as the opening theme song for Lain?
GERONIMO-U: Simply that the music was so nice.
GERONIMO-U: I just read translation of the lyrics of the DUVET and was so impressed and touched by that.
ABe-SAN: when I saw the song with the video, it was very well done
GERONIMO-U: When I read the lyrics and I felt that it was not like the typical European/American lyrics.
ABe-SAN: when I saw the first episodes broad casted I was very nervous b/c it was my first work on tv
ABe-SAN: I was very impressed
ABe-SAN: when I heard them live
ABe-SAN: at otakon
GERONIMO-U: Then I found out that Jasmine (the singer) was half-Japanese and was able to get a shared sense of feelings. And that her lyrics were not about black or white but gray.
ABe-SAN: that reminds me of the first broadcasting in Japan
GERONIMO-U: Oh, ABe is getting better and better at answering questions.
GERONIMO-U: His answers are better than mine
ABe-SAN: and I felt energy from the vocalist
Moderator: <knightsaber> to <Moderator>: What made you want to go from a serious series like Lain to something more comedic like NieA_7?
ABe-SAN: there's a dark part in me
GERONIMO-U: Since LAIN was too serioius and dark, I wanted to do something different. Something silly.
ABe-SAN: and there is another part of me that tries to defeat the dark me
GERONIMO-U: I have to close one ear when talking to stop listening to ABe's answers... ^_^;
ABe-SAN: so I keep myself normal status by using those two parts
GERONIMO-U: Mr. ABe and I share the same feelings which we call "Hetare" (not a real Japanese word).
GERONIMO-U: To us, it means we share some kind of imperfect... let me think think of some example of "Hetare". It's hard to explain
ABe-SAN: even in Lain I created deformed Lain and there is a serious part in NieA 7
GERONIMO-U: Let me think of some big piece of art that would describe what feeling "Hetare" is. Maybe American people doesn't have Hetare feeling or Hetare artwork.
ABe-SAN: so both the serious and comical part is in me
GERONIMO-U: BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD is like a weakened version of "Hetare". A warm-hearted and diluted version.
ABe-SAN: there's no american work close to "Hetare"
GERONIMO-U: I want to make a T-Shirt with a "hetare" logo
Moderator: <laz> to <Moderator>: Was there actually much research done on modern computers, the internet, and operating systems to create the Navi and the Wired? If so, what were some influences?
GERONIMO-U: All LAIN creators love the world of internet computer and interfaces not only the PC
ABe-SAN: since I have been using the computer since I was 12 yrs old
ABe-SAN: and I used to dream to become a programmer
ABe-SAN: that was way back when there was no words for programmer
GERONIMO-U: To us...
ABe-SAN: Since all the illustration is done by MAC
GERONIMO-U: We're already surrounded by the internet, computers, and ICC
ABe-SAN: Navi and the computers Lain used I designed them myself
GERONIMO-U: All of us who created LAIN always like the different interface and tried the experiences ourselves
ABe-SAN: b/c those were the kinds of computers I always wish to use
ABe-SAN: I have 7 computers at home
GERONIMO-U: and we just got together and Mr. Kanaka had the most advanced knowledge of internet
GERONIMO-U: For example "TCP/IP"? and "Protocol"
ABe-SAN: and they look like how Lain's father had set it up in his room
ABe-SAN: I had hard time moving them out into my home
GERONIMO-U: Back then the hard disks were so expensive.
GERONIMO-U: Normal consumers had 500 MB at the time but we had over 20 GB each...
Moderator: Gentlemen, our hour is about up -- the portion of this chat that is "moderated" -- We've had literally hundreds of questions submitted. I think it would be appropriate to close with these two
Moderator: <laz> to <Moderator>: Mr. ABe and Mr. Ueda : what are your own personal favorite anime series or movies?
Moderator: <OmegaXcn> to <Moderator>: to ABe-San: what advise would you give to inspiring artists like some of the people in this chat now?
ABe-SAN: I don't watch anime so much
ABe-SAN: but I like Angel's Egg by Mamoru Oshii
GERONIMO-U: I haven't watched anime recently either. But I like the anime ASHITA NO JOE (BOXER JOE OF TOMORROW) about boxing -- 15 years ago. Directed by Dezaki. Of course I saw LUPIN III, COBRA, CAPTAIN FUTURE
ABe-SAN: I like the movies by Angeloprossi, a director
ABe-SAN: one is called SCENERY IN THE MIST
GERONIMO-U: As for the second question...
ABe-SAN: for the second question
ABe-SAN: I think rather than draw nicely I would like to make emphasis on drawing honestly
GERONIMO-U: I'm not the kind of person you guys would respect.
GERONIMO-U: However I want to make animation inspire you.
GERONIMO-U: What I expect you to make something to surprise me.
ABe-SAN: if you can reflect yourself in the creation you can improve your technique
ABe-SAN: and improve yourself
GERONIMO-U: Come to "fight" me with animation or artwork.
ABe-SAN: so please draw honestly b/c the technique follows
ABe-SAN: this is the first time for me to chat like this
ABe-SAN: but I really enjoyed
ABe-SAN: and I hope I can get a chance to do this again
GERONIMO-U: I'm sorry I couldn't say everything I wanted in this very short time. But I'm really happy to be able to communicate with people who speak a different native language via the internet.
GERONIMO-U: Everytime I have this kind of opportunity I really feel I should learn English.
ABe-SAN: I was very impressed to see how enthusiastically and seriously people watch our work
GERONIMO-U: Let's make tomorrow a good day to fight
ABe-SAN: thank you
GERONIMO-U: I'm going to play around in New York City
GERONIMO-U: See you in New York!
Moderator: Gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us. Your answers have been wonderful. Enjoy your stay in New York. And of course to the audience... Your questions were great. Thanks for coming, and check in to the anime colony at SCIFI for future chats... We'll leave moderation and open the floor now. Good night!
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Solaris: Tis k zer
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GERONIMO-U: I never visit American LAIN webpages.
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GERONIMO-U: Never visited LAIN webpages before.
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Taro: ueda: what is your impression of american lain fans compared to japanese ones?
Biohamhock: www.kawaii.com
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Hiperu: Ueda-san, anata no e-mail ga nan desu ka?
DF-01: i think they were high when they made lain
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DF-01: but that's kinda obvious ;)
SSJ-Majin-: http://ainsider.animerush.com/index.html
GERONIMO-U: Most LAIN fans (US & Japanese) are both very serious
Tranversia: Nice hearing the creators speak
SSJ-Majin-: thats a phat site
GERONIMO-U: you guys like LAIN?
Biohamhock: www.kawaii.com good lain page
laz: Mr. Ueda and Mr. ABe : what was the significance of Lain lying in the fetal position amidst wires during the closing credits of each episode?
SSJ-Majin-: yea
Taro: ueda: very much!
Warkumon: http://viridian.upnetwork.com Anyone else have sites?
DF-01: heh
ABe-SAN: american fans are more active than japanese fans
Zer: watashi wa nihon ni ikitai ga binbo de gozaimasu =(
Biohamhock: WWW.KAWAII.COM
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laz: Mr. ABe and Mr. Ueda : maybe this is sort of a taboo question, but do you think that drugs influence anime at all? i know in america, some artists are influenced by drugs.. but what about Japan?
Mogchan: zer: you used lots of stuff i didnt know already
Biohamhock: aho
Hiperu: Watashi wa nihongo o naratte imasu yo.
ABe-SAN: I think japanese including myself are too shy
Biohamhock: http://www.kawaii.com
Zer: dono furui anime o mimashita ka?
Kokujin: ABe-san, Mr. Konaka updates everyday ;)
GERONIMO-U: ABe is doing Badi-badi! (Just kidding)
OmegaXcn: my site is mirai.cyril.com
Lawmune: abe: are you friends with range murata?
OmegaXcn: a.k.a Anime Resurrection
GERONIMO-U: Badi badi means being a junkie with no limitation
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Stealthy: anti idle
GERONIMO-U: it's just joke
ABe-SAN: no no those are only jokes
Zer: soshite, nihon ni ikitai no seito o iikata wa nan desu ka?
ABe-SAN: =)
SSJ-Majin-: Anime Resurections a bad site
DF-01: is it true that animation houses in japan aren't doing so well? :p
SSJ-Majin-: ^_^*
GERONIMO-U: we don't do drugs inside in Japan
Biohamhock: http://animeaddiction.bizland.com My lain site!!!
Biohamhock: please visit!!
OmegaXcn: did someone ask me a question? i could've sworn someone did while everything was laggin
GERONIMO-U: We can do anything in Amsterdam
Kokujin: Ueda-san, Did the midnight time slot help or hurt the series?
Zer: www.illusorystudios.com: My online RPG (amateur)
GERONIMO-U: Let's get together in Coffeeshop!
Zer: ZDNet gave me a 5 star rating ^_^
arakune: Abe-san, I read you worked on one doujinshi with Murata Range and other artists. Have you put out any other doujinshi?
Hiperu: What are your e-mails? I can speak Japanese.
ABe-SAN: I get my highs from drawing for hours and hours
OmegaXcn: lol DF
DF-01: hehe
Hiperu: Abe or Ueda: Lain no eiga ga arimasu ka?
OmegaXcn: whoa!
Biohamhock: check out my works at http://www.kawaii.com and http://animeaddiction.bizland.com
DF-01: cool
DF-01: i need to get that high then
laz: Mr. ABe and Mr. Ueda : I'm really interested in becoming involved with anime/video games on a creators level. i have a lot of ideas, but they just don't come out write with simple text or a flat image. how would you advise one to start in this business?
Cat-Clan: Abe-san email wo kaite mo ii desu ka?
ABe-SAN: are you talking about FLAT
SSJ-Majin-: Abe, Veda what are your email addresses?
Kokujin: Ueda-San, you said if there a sequel it would not star LAIN, who would it star and where would it go?
Mogchan: lain no eiga ga hoshi desu
Zer: masaka...Eigo ni REIN o tabun kimasu, demo, kanashiimono wa tokidoki amerika ni "dub" ga arimasu
OmegaXcn: what carreer would both of you take if you weren't what you are today ABe and Ueda??
Hiperu: Lain no eiga ga ii desu yo.
arakune: Ab-sen Yes, FLAT. Was it an artbook?
GERONIMO-U: Don't hold your breath.
ABe-SAN: FLAT is a very high quality art book not doujinshi
OmegaXcn: Anime Resurrection: Bad site
OmegaXcn: yep
Hiperu: Soo desu ka?
Biohamhock: what do you think of english dubbing?
TenchiMasa: ^_^;
SSJ-Majin-: http://ainsider.animerush.com/index.html
DF-01: are ya'll the real abe or just the translators messing with us? :P
Zer: hai, "dub" o oosugimasu
SSJ-Majin-: Anime Insider rules
arakune: Abe-san: I'm very sorry for the mistake!
GERONIMO-U: But we can't say definitely "No" about LAIN movie.
ABe-SAN: but I put out 7 doujinshi
Zer: I am wondering...speak in Japanese to us maybe =)
Biohamhock: I can draw hentai
Zer: I need some conversation practice, hehe
SSJ-Majin-: whats your email veda?
TenchiMasa: I CAN DRAW YAOI! heheheheeh! J/K!
Biohamhock: I like eechi
Zer: ...
Ashitaka: hai! nihongo de hanashite kudasai ne...
GERONIMO-U: eh, itai koto?
ABe-SAN: for the dubbing
OmegaXcn: SSj-Majin-Vegeta, you're talking about mirai.cyril.com right??
Mogchan: ueda and abe: i just want to give you nothing but praise.. i saw episode 8 on dvd today at a friends house after seeing the first 7 on vhs tape and right now lain is one of my favourite series
TenchiMasa: LOL
Zer: hen no hito ga oosugiru
ABe-SAN: I've never seen english dubbing of Lain
arakune: Abe-san: Are your doujinshi still available?
Biohamhock: The dubbing is pretty good
Mogchan: i hadn't seen english dubbing of lain either till dvd
Biohamhock: english dubbing usually sucks
Zer: hai
Biohamhock: they do it poorly
GERONIMO-U: powerpuff girle no goodwo mitsuke ni ikitai
Hiperu: Is the character Arisu or Alice?
Kokujin: What about the cast, how do you choose them and how do you think they did?
Zer: AMERIKA ni ii koe no hito ga imasen yo
Mogchan: i heard like two lines of speech but we switched it back to nihongo with eigo subtitles
garza: ABe & Ueda: would you mind if we were to make parts of your interview at otakon available over the internet?
ABe-SAN: old doujinshi are all gone
DF-01: hey, anyway you guys gonna sell those bear-suits? i want one of those
Biohamhock: Do you guys do hentai versions of Lain?
ABe-SAN: but the new ones we can distribute to america
SSJ-Majin-: lol
ABe-SAN: you can only get it in japan
OmegaXcn: i need some pics of Ueda and ABe
Hiperu: Lain no tomodachi no namae ga Arisu ka Alice desu ka?
OmegaXcn: for the no-good site
Hiperu: Ueda: Lain no tomodachi no namae ga Arisu ka Alice desu ka?
Stealthy: anti idle
Biohamhock: Can you draw me a hentai picture of Lain?
Zer: hehe
AkiZeta-5: Bio, not funny. =p
Zer: boku dake itteru
Ashitaka: powerpuff girls wa tanoshii desu ne...
DF-01: go to a porn vid store ;p
SSJ-Majin-: ABE CHECK OUT MY SITE http://ainsider.animerush.com/index.html
Biohamhock: I want a signed hentai picture of Lain
Cat-Clan: powerpuff girls wa sugoi desu
Biohamhock: eechi hentai hardcore xxx teen raw manga
TenchiMasa: ACK!
SSJ-Majin-: lol
DeedlitC just wants a Lain sequel. :)
DF-01: poerpuff girl so noto vely good-o
AkiZeta-5: Geeze.. moderator leaves, and this happens. =p
Zer: boku no ichiban suki na anime wa tenkuu no esukafurone, tabun pureisuteishon geemu o amerika ni ikutokoro de gozaimasu ka?
AkiZeta-5: Heh.. not likely, Deed.
Mogchan: i know
Mogchan: its kind of pathetic
DF-01: heya mog :P
GERONIMO-U: powerpuff girl no character to obakana settei ga ski
SSJ-Majin-Vegeta wants veda and abe to go to http://ainsider.animerush.com/index.html
Mogchan: i bet if this was japan some kind of natural order would happen
SSJ-Majin-: lol
Lawmune: ueda, abe: how are you enjoying the United States? have you been here before?
Biohamhock: What does Lain wear under the Bear pajamas?
Kokujin: You know, they probably need the translators for romanji as well as english =P
Hiperu: Ueda to Abe-san: Evangelion ga suki desu ka?
Biohamhock: Is she naked under her bear pajamas?
DF-01: DUUUdee, i want those bear pajamas
Mogchan: kokujin: sou
GERONIMO-U: LAWMUNE: I had been to West Coast and New Orleans before
AkiZeta-5: Enh.. maybe, Mog. It'd just help if some of these people were older than twelve. ;p
GERONIMO-U: I always wanted to come to the East Coast
ABe-SAN: I was nervous since this is my first visit but I really enjoyed it
DF-01: madi-gras? ;)
GERONIMO-U: So I was expecting alot
garza: ABe & Ueda: Thank you. It'll probably show up on lawmune's site (http://www.cjas.org/~leng/lain.htm "thought experiments lain")
Zer: Boku wa taiman de suwatte imasu.
GERONIMO-U: East Coast lived up to my expectations
GERONIMO-U: Simply Otakon's stuff was really nice.
Mogchan: zer: you know a lot of japanese i dont
Mogchan: i think your year must have been more intensive
Cat-Clan: Abe-san to Ueda-san Mekishiko ni iku koto ga arimasu ka?
DeedlitC is looking forward to going to Tokyo sometime.
laz: Mr. ABe and Mr. Ueda : I'm really interested in becoming involved with anime/video games on a creators level. i have a lot of ideas, but they just don't come out completely with simple text or a flat image. how would you advise one to start in this business?
GERONIMO-U: From now on I'd like to walk in New York City and feel America with my own senses
Biohamhock: Is lain of age?
Mogchan wishes to study in japan second two years of college
DF-01: laz: get high on pot
OmegaXcn: this whole this is gonna take a loooong time to put into transcript
Biohamhock: I am a programmer!
DeedlitC: Bio: Lain is a drawing. She has no age. :P
TenchiMasa: ABe or UEDA: are you going to make other anime's when you conclude Lain?
Biohamhock: I make hentai games
GERONIMO-U: Time to go
Cat-Clan: Watashi wa mekishiko jin desu
ABe-SAN: well time to go
DF-01: aww
Zer: Zenbu no Amerika no anime no PLOT wa komarimonku kara zenzen no toku ni mitenai
Ashitaka: Did you have contacts with the American animation industry?
garza: ABe & Ueda: what do you think of american wrestling?
GERONIMO-U: I'm going byebye
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