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an omnipresence in wired, the hardcover lain artbook, contains a short color manga called the nightmare of fabrication by yoshitoshi ABe. It is uncertain where or how (if at all) the manga story fits into the anime and/or game continuity. An English-language version of the manga can be found in yoshitoshi ABe lain illustrations: ab# rebuild an omnipresence in wired, published in the United States by Digital Manga Publishing.

The Japanese lain LDs and DVDs came with 4-panel comics (4-koma) by Yoshitoshi ABe not included with the US release. To see those comics, click on the images or follow the links below. I've also included a quick translation (graciously provided by Merche) so you can follow along.

Chibi-Chibi Lain: The Empire Strikes Back

Lain: Oh, I can hear the electronic signal voices...
Alice: Electronic signal voices?
Lain: I can talk to the many electric waves that are transmited on the electrical wires
Alice: I see...
[No! Don't look away just by such a little thing!]
Alice: And so...what does Mr. Electronic signal voice say?
Lain: ...Conserve electricity.
Alice: I'm transferring.

#3 (there's no #2)
Iwakura Fight! Lain vs. Ramen
Lain: Oh, Oh, I can't break the chopsticks.
Eew, it's a scallion.
[fluster fluster]
[sound of Mika: tick tock tick tock]
Lain: Ok I'm ready to, Oh...
[the broth wins 12 battles in a row]
[flick flick]
Mika: Just cut it already! it's annoying!

Iwakura Diary
Lain: People often tell me that I'm a slowpoke.
[fluster fluster]
Oh, I forgot to put toothpaste...
Oh, my hair got slept on in a weird way...
This is perfect for me [accela]
Now I have 12x speed!
[Kids don't copy]
[She can't drink it without water]
This is dad's toothbrush.
[fluster fluster fluster fluster]
I though this was jam and it's kimchi paste.
I have two right socks on.
[the tears she sheds are also 12x]
Lain: Sunday
[fluster fluster fluster]
Mika: So annoying.

Alice: ...
Lain: What is it Alice?
Alice: Lain, what is this angle?
Lain: I haven't seen it yet either (from the other angle).

The Indie band Lains is formed
[Eiri on the bass, he quits the company and becomes a musician]
[the laughing keyboardist, Yas]
[his handling of the mouse is first rate!]
[the silent vocalist, Miho]
[and the leader, Lain. Her instrument is um, um...the triangle!]
[Goodbye everyone]

Here is a color Lain-comic drawn by ABe.
"Slanted-Eye Paradise", Muteikei Fire's doujinshi
"Super Withered*! A Sales Promotion Ad by Dame-dame Lain"
Lain: Hi, I'm Lain.
Toko: Hi, I'm Toko.
Lain and Toko: Together, we're Lain-toko**.
Lain: That's just as bad as "Segata Sanshirou"***
Toko: You look like you're in low spirits.
Lain: Yeah... I get dizzy sometimes...
(whir whir whir)
Lain: See, again....
Toko: Are you a dragonfly?**** In your case, your eating habits are the problem. You're not a manga artist, so you should at least lead an average lifestyle.
Lain: Occupational discrimination all of a sudden, eh?
Toko: This is perfect for someone like you. "Cereal Experiments." It has lots of fiber and you'll be full of pep again.
Lain: E-e-experimental food?
Toko: Of course not. It's just mind expanding food.
Lain: What's that?
Toko: Just pour milk and you get 12 vitamins and minerals and assorted chemical substances and your health will soar.
Lain: I don't need to soar.
Are you sure, it's OK, Tony the Tiger?
Toko: I am not.
Toko: If you keep eating this everyday the symptoms you experience now such as dizziness, hallucinations...can all be blamed on this. (heh heh heh)
Lain: That's just poison!
Toko: Oh, but you know what they say, "poison can be medicine after a certain point."
Lain: No it won't!
What's this?
Toko: Oh, Accela
Lain: Drugs this time?!
Toko: It's not drugs, it's smart supplements.
Lain: Same thing!
My stomach is starting to hurt.
Toko: Oh yeah, you couldn't take milk.
Lain: Is that what it is?!
[Because of the Accela, the distance to the bathroom is 12x]
Lain: Aargh, it's far...
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*Pun on hot curry
**"Lain-toko" might be a pun on "raincoat".
***Segata Sanshiro is a character who appears in Sega commercials, and is a pun on "Sega Saturn shiro" (play Sega Saturn)
****Dragonflies supposedly get knocked out if you do that with your finger...

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