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Some Papers I've Written

I don't usually publish papers I've written for school here on my website, but the following three papers were on my RPI website for a long time. Now that I've graduated from RPI and no longer maintain that site, I've republished those papers here:

Otaku Studies

Otak-who? Technoculture, youth, consumption, and resistance. American representations of a Japanese youth subculture. (226k pdf)

Written for Research Seminar in Science and Technology Studies and Research Methods in Science and Technology Studies, Spring 2002.

Shortened version presented to the Department of Science and Technology Studies at RPI on April 19th, 2002. Final version submitted to Linda Layne on April 29th, 2002 and Ron Eglash on May 2nd, 2002.

Instructors: Ron Eglash and Linda Layne

[Another shortened version of this paper was presented at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 7-9, 2002. I presented my paper on November 8th in a panel entitled "Mediating Marginality: Technological Subcultures at the Intersections of Labor, Design, and Identity."

Also presenting on that panel were: Rayvon Fouche (RPI), Hector Postigo (RPI), and Seita Koike (Musashi Institute of Technology). Karin Ellison (University of Wisconsin-Madison) was the Chair.]


The accidental rebel: Thomas Kuhn and The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (148k pdf)

Written for Concepts in Science and Technology Studies, Fall 2001.

Instructor: Langdon Winner

Social perspectives on school anti-violence policies (91k pdf)

Written for Values and Policy, Fall 2001.

Instructor: Sharon Anderson-Gold

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