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CJAS-relevant Otakon '98 reports

Otakon '98 has ended and was pretty much a success for the CJASers who attended. That's what I hear anyway, as I didn't get to go. Luckily, James, Jerry, John, Eddie, and the gang have kept me well-informed. Returning the favor, here are the latest Usenet postings about Otakon, updated as I find them.

Subject: Re: [OTAKON] COSPLAY pics - will anyone post them? The "Fifth Angel guy" was actually James Kao, '97-'98 CJAS president.

Subject: Re: [OTAKON] COSPLAY pics - will anyone post them? James' reply to the above message

Subject: Re: [OTAKON] COSPLAY pics - will anyone post them? has mention of some CJASer costumes.

Subject: [Otakon] My brief report not exactly CJAS-relevant, but a general report on Otakon

A Fan's View of Otakon (offsite link) has a ton of pics and commentary.

Subject: [CON][OTAKON] My con experience... another non-CJAS-containing report, but pretty good, nonetheless

Subject: [Otakon] Another Report This one mentions the cosplay, so it's CJAS-relevant.

Subject: Yet Another Otakon Review yet another mention of the cosplay

Eli Kaplan's Otakon 1998 pics (offsite link) more cosplay pictures and a review. Check out the super-cool Dave and Ramiel (James inside) pic. Special bonus: you can see James' back ('95-'96 CJAS t-shirt) in the Jurai Princesses pic.

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Last updated on November 30th, 2004
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