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CJAS Marathon December 3

The semesterly CJAS marathon will take place on Saturday, December 3, from noon to midnight. This semester we are reviving the CJAS game show, and we will show AMVs during the dinner break. Come check it out and have some fun!

12:00 Cromartie High School 1 and 2
12:25 Tenjou Tenge 1 and 2
 1:15 Irresponsible Captain Tyler 1
 1:40 Break
 1:50 Kodomo no Omocha 1
 2:15 Lupin III: Tokyo Crisis
 3:45 Break
 4:00 CJAS Game Show
 4:25 Midori No Hibi 2
 4:50 Chrno Crusade 1
 5:15 Soul Hunter 1
 5:40 Gantkutsuou 1
 6:05 Gunslinger Girl 1
 6:30 Dinner
 7:30 Sentou Yousei Yukikaze 1
 8:00 Full Metal Panic 24
 8:25 Samurai Champloo 13
 8:50 Kare Kano 13
 9:15 Paranoia Agent 13
 9:40 Break
10:00 Scrapped Princess 13
10:25 Beyond the Clouds
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“Princess Mononoke” Playing September 3

This Saturday, September 3, CJAS will be showing the Miyazaki classic Princess Mononoke at 10:00 pm. Oscar-winning Hayao Miyazaki is one of the most well-known and renowned anime directors of all time, and Princess Mononoke is widely regarded as one of his best works.

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First CJAS Meeting Fall 2005

The first CJAS meeting this semester will be on Saturday, August 27 at 8 pm in Goldwin Smith Hall’s Lewis Auditorium.

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Orientation Week Meetings

CJAS will hold two special meetings during Orientation Week. The meetings will take place on Monday 8/22 and Tuesday 8/23 from 5:30 to 9:30 on the bottom floor of Appel Commons. Stop by for your fill of anime, manga, and video games.

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CJAS Marathon May 7

The semesterly CJAS marathon will take place this Saturday, from noon to midnight. Don’t miss out on the great selection of anime, with video games and a raffle taking place during the breaks.

12:00 KOR 1 (Kimigure Orange Road)
12:25 Tennimon 1 (Tenshi ni Narumon)
12:50 Midori no Hibi 1
 1:15 Narue no Sekai 1
 1:40 Break
 2:00 GitsSAC 2 (Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex)
 2:25 Otogizoushi 1
 2:50 FMA 1-2 (Fullmetal Alchemist)
 3:40 Break
 3:55 Tsukihime 1
 4:20 GitSII:Innocence (Ghost in the Shell II: Innocence)
 6:00 Dinner
 7:00 Ultramaniac 1
 7:25 Stellvia 1 (Uchuu no Stelvia)
 7:50 Azumanga 26 (Azumanga Daioh)
 8:15 Nadesico 26 (Martian Succecessor Nadesico)
 8:40 P9 25-26 (Princess Nine)
 9:30 Break
 9:45 Kino 13 (Kino's Journey)
10:10 Kenshin Outtakes
10:20 Lupin III: Dead or Alive
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“Kiki’s Delivery Service” Playing February 5

CJAS will be showing the 1989 Miyazaki classic, Kiki’s Delivery Service, this coming Saturday, February 5. Hayao Miyazaki is the Oscar-winning director of many anime films of the past several decades. Most of his films are aimed for children, but are still enjoyed by anime enthusiasts of all ages, world-wide. Miyazaki is widely regarded as one of the greatest anime directors of all time.

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First CJAS Meeting Spring 2005

CJAS will resume its weekly anime showings on Saturday, January 29. Remember, 8pm in Goldwin Smith Auditorium D. Hope to see you all there!