CJAS Website Makeover

July 8th, 2008 – CJAS

2003 vs. 2008 design comparison

After five years of the old site design, the CJAS website has undergone some major changes. The main site is now a WordPress blog with a brighter theme, and we are introducing a new discussion forum for our members. If you are a CJAS alum, feel free to sign up for an account on the forums! We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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11 Responses to “CJAS Website Makeover”

  1. lepidoptera says:

    So meta!

  2. hanyounomiko says:

    Looks great! However, the forums turning up a 404 is much less awesome. DD:

  3. hanyounomiko says:

    …neeeeevermind. It’s working now. ._.

  4. Wow! What an exciting website!

    What is this, “CJAS?” It sounds so incredibly appealing! I WILL feel free to sign up for an account on the forums! And I DO plan to enjoy the new site as much as you enjoyed putting it together!

  5. Lawrence Eng says:

    Congrats on the new site!

  6. Allen Chen says:

    Ah, the nostalgia… I designed the “original”–not quite because there was a single web page that Mike Yang had created before I took it over–CJAS website back around 1994 or 1995 from which the original “dark” theme originated. I was surprised to see that it had stuck around for so long. I’m a little sad to see it go, but I think a new look has been overdue and this one looks fresh and modern. Congratulations!

    A little more history: my old Donlon roommate, Eric Wong, had designed the CJAS bear logo (now defunct?) which won the CJAS logo contest held back in 1993-1994 (I think). He also created the 3D version that was shown in the upper-left corner of the old sites using 3D Studio.

    One thing I’m wondering… How did you get the “after” picture to contain itself recursively??


  7. User avatar Jed Liu says:

    The “after” picture was done by taking screenshot after screenshot after screenshot. :) There are more clever ways of doing it, but I was tired, lazy and wanted to go to sleep at the time.

  8. User avatar joe says:

    And so the great mystery of the origins of the CJAS logo has finally been revealed. We’ve been wondering for a while where it came from.

  9. Mr. President says:

    The site looks great, guys! You did an awesome job! Yay CJAS!

  10. Darth Formal says:

    I feel so out of the loop for just realizing that the site has been revamped, but I love it! Good work! Now, how do we submit articles to the blog? (I’m not very internets savy at times…)

  11. User avatar joe says:

    Post in the forum and help collaborate, currently for eboard and alums only. Soon to be for everyone in CJAS.

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