Bowling Bonanza

September 15th, 2008 – Events

The stage was set and nearly all the competitors were present when the “CJAS Freshman/Transfer Recruitment Bowling Event/Tournament” (CJASFTRBET for those who like acronyms) began at the Helen Newman bowling lanes. The eager participants lined up three to a lane, all ready to have a good time and brag about who was the best bowler of the night. The winners of the first two rounds were to compete in a final game to determine the victor. After slumping a bit and watching Meghan’s iPod-inspired success, our President Mike followed suit with his iPod and proceeded to dominate the first round. This is not to say the others did not compete fiercely, but the President was too focused to be deterred from ‘bowling’ the competition away.

A lax second round opened the door for one of CJAS’s new recruits, Kim, to win the round and secure her position in the finals. However, a late arrival during the second game caused one of the three lanes to progress slower. Kim and Mike, eager to duel for bragging rights and a Borders gift card (but mostly bragging rights), were undeterred by the slow lane. The two set off and began bowling a couple of frames, but something unexpected stopped them. The late arrival, CJAS’s head of Showing, “Show” Joe, finished his round and performed exceptionally well, scoring the highest game thus far. Kim and Mike agreed to allow Joe to join in and catch up to them so they could play evenly and bowl for the title. As the round progressed, Kim could not convert her spares, and it became apparent to all that it was becoming a two-horse race. Finally it was down to the last frame, with Mike holding a nine-pin lead over Joe. This last frame would decide it.

Mike started off the frame, bowling seven pins down and looking to pick up another pin or two to secure his win. However, he failed to hit any pins, leaving the door open for Joe to swoop in and pluck the win from Mike’s hands. Joe, too, began the frame by hitting seven pins. He was still down by nine, but this did not deter him. With his next roll, Joe converted the spare and could bowl one last ball to determine the championship and bragging rights. As it stood, Mike’s score was 138, and Joe had at least a 132. He would need to hit seven pins to claim the title. Taking a breath to calm himself down, Joe let the ball fly with the might of a titan, his single focus on hitting enough pins to win. As the final ball teetered over, the onlookers began counting just how many he had hit. 1…2…3…4…5…6…………………7! And so, by one pin, Joe beat Mike to claim the title and prize. Congratulations go out to everyone who could make it, and we hope to see you next time!

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