A Sudden Change to Our Schedule

April 3rd, 2009 – Announcements

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to show Macross Plus this week during its allotted time slot. Instead, we will be moving up Ghost in the Shell one week to fill in the void left by Macross Plus’s disappearance. However, because of the length of the movie we will not be airing Twelve Kingdoms 32 or 33 this week, and will instead move them into the first two slots Ghost in the Shell was to take up next week, with the first episode of Macross Plus – NOT the second – to be shown afterwards. Additionally, if you want to view the conclusion of Macross Plus, you will have to unfortunately wait for our semesterly marathon.

To sum up, instead of the initial viewing schedule this semester, we will be following from this point on:


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