Hit Manga “Fairy Tail” Gets Animated

June 29th, 2009 – Anime News

Fairy Tail

With 15 volumes released in Japan, and six released in the U.S., Hiro Mashima’s (Rave Master) newest manga Fairy Tail is finally getting an animated treatment.  Fans of the series don’t have to wait long, as the series will begin airing in Japan this October.

The animation will be done by A-1 Pictures and Satelight, studios hand-picked by Mashima to animate and produce the series after Mashima’s previous series Rave Master was cut short.

[Source: AnimeNewsNetwork]

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One Response to “Hit Manga “Fairy Tail” Gets Animated”

  1. Saigiku says:

    i hope airs soon! i want to see it so badly i read the whole chapters again from the start nonstop! XD i cant wait!

    ~White Chrysanthemum

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