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How to “Man-Up” Valentine’s Day

If there is one stereotype that most anime fans fall into, it is being without a SO on Valentine’s Day. When people are spreading the message of love and other related topics, a majority of anime fans are stuck wallowing in solitude. Well, fuck it. Instead of wallowing and crying about being alone, just forget about it. Instead of spending the day spreading the message of love, the plan should be to “Hotblood Out.” Here are some suggestions to do this.

Background Music:

First and foremost comes the music that must be played for all things you do where music is appreciated. Now, when you associate music, anime and hotblood, you had better be thinking about JAM Project, and how any song by this colossal supergroup can instantly make your day just a bit more awesome. Listen to them more and more, and you can literally feel the courage seep into your bloodstream. You will feel like you can take down kikaiju with just your dirty socks.

You can feel the epic from the image...

Suggested Songs: STORMBRINGER, Crest of Z\’s, Rocks, Majin Kenzan, Garo ~SAVIOR IN THE DARK~, JAM ga Motteta! Sailor Fuku

If perhaps you are in need of more than this, one should look up the individual members of JAM Project and listen to some of their more famous works. (Endoh Masaaki – Yuusha-Oh Tanjou – Mythology Version-, Hironobu Kageyama – HEATS) Your blood is now boiling.


First and foremost, if you want to “man-up” you must do follow one simple rule: “NO SLICE OF LIFE MOEBLOBS!”

Just say no to moeblobs who do nothing.

Got that? None of the above image, and nothing else remotely close to it. Okay, now to the “suggested watching list.”

  1. New Getter Robo – New Getter is action, more action, people killing demons with their bare hands, demons becoming massive, and then those people who just killed a number of demons pilot individual parts of a giant robot, combine and blow the hell out of the super-sized demons. This show is about action, and how manly spirit will make anyone stronger and evolve into something more powerful. The original manga (available to read on online manga websites) was the inspiration for the recent series Gurren Lagann, and should be read by anyone who wants a bit of comedy with a large amount of ASS-KICKING and ROBOTS!!! Also:

    Yeah. This is Getter Robo.
  2. Hellsing – Basic summary: Super Powerful Vampire, fighting on the side of the Protestants after being set free by Integra Hellsing, vs. Catholics, especially one near immortal one vs. NAZI VAMPIRE ZOMBIES! Lots of gore and people being torn limb-from-limb. Also:
  3. Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen – Remake of the original Robot show, directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa, this show is a stream of constant one-upping with giant robots. Lots of ridiculous over-the-top story and action, and the most ridiculously over-the-top narrator EVER!
  4. and for those of you who have already finished the most courageous show

  5. GaoGaiGar FINAL – Finally, we reach true courage. There is nothing more that needs to be said. You’ve seen 49 episodes of raw courage. You’ve gone through the ups and downs of this non-stop adventure. Now to end it. The opening (linked above next to Endoh Masaaki) is epic. It only gets more epic after the opening.

That is how you make Valentine’s Day not suck.

4 replies on “How to “Man-Up” Valentine’s Day”

i think that being manly is great, man…..
however, i think ima have to succumb to moeblob after seeing
that k-on pic up there lol

I guess I’m the only man to actually stay in theme with the holiday, by watching Honey and Clover II that is. (Though I did sneak in some One Piece and FMA: Brotherhood too.)

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