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CJAS Semester Marathon – December 3

Join us on Saturday December 3rd from noon to midnight in Goldwin Smith Lewis Auditorium. Enjoy 12 hours of various anime, and be sure to check out the game show at 4:00!

12:00 - Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie
1:00 –  Princess Jellyfish 1
1:25 - Princess Jellyfish 2
1:50 - BREAK
2:05 - Stein's;Gate 1
2:30 – Stein's;Gate 2
2:55 - Magnetic Rose
3:45 - BREAK
4:00 - GAME SHOW
4:30 - Professor Layton
6:10 - DINNER
7:10 - Irresponsible Captain Tyler 1
7:35 - Jigoku Shoujo 1
8:00 - Jigoku Shoujo 2
8:25 - BREAK
8:35 - Black Lagoon 12
9:00 - Gungrave 13
9:25 - Gungrave 14
9:50 - Basilisk 12
10:15 - Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo 12
10:40 - BREAK
10:50 - Angel Beats! 13
11:15 - Azumanga Daioh
11:40 - The SoulTaker 1
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Capcom Booth @ NYCC

As soon as someone entered the southern show floor, they would be greeted with the massive Capcom booth, home to heavily advertised Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 demo stations. While the majority were there to play either the aforementioned UMvC3 or Street Fighter X Tekken, I went to check out two new properties they will release next year: Dragon’s Dogma and Asura’s Wrath.

Taken from

The first up was Asura’s Wrath, a beat-’em-up developed by CyberConnect2 (known for their work on the .hack franchise) for the XBox 360 and PS3. There were two different demos set up at the booth detailing what appeared to be two different boss battles from the game. As I waited in line to play, I examined the two different scenarios, one on the moon, and the other against what appeared to be a large flying beast. My turn finally came; it was time to kick some demigod ass.

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Mid-Semester Showing Survey

Shockingly, the semester is already at its halfway point, so it’s about time to talk about what’s been going on in showing.  For each show we’re watching, I’ll be summarizing the premise, discussing the plot up to this point, and then adding my own thoughts about the series.  As always, plot can and does equal spoilers, so make sure to skip over plot sections where you don’t want to know just yet.  We’re watching a lot of great shows this semester, so many of these come with strong recommendations.

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CJAS Enters the 2009 Social Media Craze

CJAS has finally entered the lightning fast updating of social media and is now proud to unveil its brand new Twitter account: @CJAS_official. With this, our fans, members and recruits will be able to get up to the minute updates regarding event locations, dates, and information about the club. Enjoy your new gateway to club information.

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Orientation Events

Hey new freshmen, old alumni, and current members!

CJAS has some orientation events coming up, and it’d be great to see you all there! And new freshmen, come on by to play video games, read manga, and talk to people in improbable cosplay!  There’ll also be a group constructing models of gundams and robots for all you robo-fans.


Saturday, 8/20/11, 2pm, Fireside Lounge, in Appel Commons (one of two dining halls on North Campus).

Sunday, 8/21/11, 1pm, in Appel Commons 302A.

Tuesday, 8/23/11, 5pm, Fireside Lounge.

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Fall 2011 Semester Showing Preview

Another year in the books, another freshman class to grace Cornell, and another year of CJAS providing quality entertainment to the campus and its student population. This year should be a year of intense action and thrilling moments. We have a full slate of shows, starting with the late Satoshi Kon’s most recent film, and ending with one of the newest entries in the Gundam franchise.

Click after the jump for a more detailed listing of our showing schedule.

Announcements CJAS Events

CJAS Spring Marathon – May 7

Join us on Saturday May 7th from noon to midnight in Goldwin Smith Lewis Auditorium. Enjoy 12 hours of various anime, and be sure to check out the game show at 4:10!

12:00 - The SoulTaker 1
12:25 –  Sengoku BASARA Season 2 1
12:50 - Sengoku BASARA Season 2 2
1:15 - Last Exile 1
1:40 - Last Exile 2
2:05 - BREAK
2:20 – Golgo 13: The Professional
3:55 - BREAK
4:10 - GAME SHOW
4:40 - Revolutionary Girl Utena 38
5:05 - Revolutionary Girl Utena 39
5:30 - DINNER
6:30 - Interstella 5555
7:30 - Tiger & Bunny 1
7:55 - Tiger & Bunny 2
8:20 - BREAK
8:35 - Ga-Rei: Zero 11
9:00 - Ga-Rei: Zero 12
9:25 - The Adolescence of Utena
10:45 - BREAK
10:55 - Azumanga Daioh 1
11:20 - Seirei no Moribito 1
11:45 - The SoulTaker 2

Mid-Semester Anime Review – Spring 2011

Spring Break has come and gone, which means another half-year of Showing is already behind us.  So, one more time, I’ll be looking back on what we’ve already seen, so you can catch up, check that you’re on the same page, or just decide if you’re interested in the series.  For each show, I’ll summarize the premise, quickly go over the plot, and then provide my own thoughts.  Be warned, plot summaries will probably contain spoilers.