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CJAS Semester Marathon – May 5

Join us on Saturday May 5th from noon to midnight in Goldwin Smith Lewis Auditorium. Enjoy 12 hours of various anime, and be sure to check out the game show at 3:50!

12:00 - Attack of the Super Monsters
1:25 – BREAK
1:35 - Iron Man 1 Baoh
2:00 - Iron Man 2
2:25 - No. 6 1 Death Note 1
2:50 - No. 6 2 Death Note 2
3:15 - BREAK
3:25 - GAME SHOW
4:05 - Redline
5:50 - DINNER
6:50 - Occult Academy 12
7:15 - Occult Academy 13
7:40 - BREAK
7:50 - Read or Die! OVA
9:20 - BREAK
9:30 - Durarara!! 21
9:55 - Durarara!! 22
10:20 - Durarara!! 23
10:45 - Durarara!! 24
11:10 - Soul Eater 24
11:35 - Soul Eater 25

ADDENDUM: Due to licensing problems, we are unable to show Iron Man, and will instead be showing Baoh. In addition to this change, No. 6 will be shown next semester (SPOILERS!!!) and we will be showing Death Note instead.

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CornellCon 2012 – April 28

After not having an event last year, we’re back this year to host a night of all manner of nerdy crap happening on at once, CornellCon. Whether you like Magic the Gathering, trivia, video games, live performances or anything else, we will try to have something to keep you occupied. As seen above, the event will take place in RPCC starting at about 8pm.

Our full schedule of events will be posted at a later date.

Announcements CJAS Events

CJAS Doujin Day

Like to draw? Want an art challenge? If so, then do we have an event for you!

This Saturday, April 7th, starting at noon, the Cornell Japanese Animation Society is hosting a doujin creation marathon, somewhere in Goldwin Smith Hall! Check out the poster attached for kitties and information.

Not sure what a doujin is? It’s basically any amateur work, and in this case, we will be trying to put together a short comic in under 24 hours!

Can’t draw? Doesn’t matter! We need a story too, after all! If you can write a story, you can contribute!

In short we need people who can: Write, storyboard, draw, line, shade, and have fun! No need to bring anything aside from yourself as we will be providing food, drinks, and art supplies for everyone interested and attending.

Hope to see you guys there!

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Spring Anime Misadventures!

After a fairly lackluster Winter season, the new Spring anime is finally upon us!  And since most of what I’m watching just ended, I find that I’m looking for a couple new shows to pick up.  So here’s what I’m gonna do for you!

I’m going to grab any first episode that comes out in the next week or two and then tell you all what I think!  I’ve had a look at the schedule, but there won’t be any refreshers for me!  Nope, if I see a new show, I’m watching it right then and there.  And I have to sit through the whole thing, no matter how poorly drawn it might be!  So watch as I suffer through god-knows-how-many terrible anime shows about basketball, cats, fishing, and whatever other brilliant ideas managed to make it to production.

P.S. Basketball and fishing are actually the topics for shows this season…

So, let’s get this started!