September 17th, 2012 – Other Articles

CJAS has a special event planned for you all this week!

That’s right – this week, we begin our nightlong celebration of the weird and incomprehensible!  Come join us from 7PM until 10PM to experience our picks for some of the most random things we could come up with!

See what’s in store for you after the jump!

7:00 PM – FLCL

As far as weird series go, FLCL (pronounced Fooly-Cooly)  is one of the classics.  It’s a classic coming-of-age story in which the protagonist spawns a fighting robot out of his forehead.  This was originally created simply to test out some new technologies that Gainax had acquired, which in part explains why it is so unhinged.  Nevertheless, it remains as a fan favorite and has an amazing soundtrack.  We will be watching the first two episodes with the english dub (as it is one of those rare cases in which the dub is better).  And we encourage you to watch the rest of the series on your own – but don’t expect it to make sense the first time!  Or the second!  Or the third!

7:50 PM – Humanity has Declined

A last minute substitution into our schedule, Humanity has Declined is a show currently airing on Crunchyroll about a future world in which the human population has seriously fallen, but a race of fairies has grown immensely.  The main character is the human ambassador to those fairies, who gets into all sorts of strange situations.  It is a comedy at its core, but a particularly dark one at that.  This was our runner-up in the mystery series vote, so we decided that you should all get a chance to experience it’s particular brand of madness.

8:15 PM – BREAK

Need a breather after all of that?  Hardly surprising.  Feel free to wander about and chat with anyone else in the audience, buy some concessions, and just unwind a bit.  Because the insanity will start up again soon.


This is the description that’s been used for this series among CJAS members: “Kyosuke Date’s life becomes a waking nightmare as he discover that his mother was murdered, he is a powerful mutant, and fragments of his sister’s soul have become humanlike creatures called ‘Flickers.’”  The only reason we’re giving you that description, mind you, is that we have NO IDEA how to describe this series otherwise!  It is simply insane, with an even more impossible-to-follow breakneck pace.  Look forward to the first two episodes of this crazy masterpiece.

9:20 – Elf Princess Rane

WARNING: Nudity. Lots of it.

Despite that warning, though, this 2-episode OVA remains a classic.  A young boy goes out searching for treasure in modern-day Japan when he runs into a fairy named Ren.  This is a series that is built upon little quirks – overused tropes and strange mannerisms form the backbone for this wacky comedy series.  We wouldn’t be showing it if we didn’t think it deserved a place in this night of nonsense.

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