What are we even doing anymore? – The Spring Schedule!

January 24th, 2013 – Announcements, CJAS

If you thought that last semester’s schedule was wacky, you might want to sit down and hold onto something before you look at the schedule we’ve got planned for you this time around.  Coming together at the absolute last minute, we’ve got more random shows stacked up front, some crazy-odd special nights, and (due to timing) the ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH is devoted to some incredibly funny series that were never meant to be funny.

We start up this Saturday (January 26th, if you’re not subscribed to our updates! (Note to self: check if we send out blog updates)) with some of our full-length series – Cowboy Bebop and Humanity has Declined.  Cowboy Bebop is a good old adventure set in space, which has been on occasion described as “super good”.  And Humanity has Declined is all about mankind in their waning years, alongside a civilization of magical but childish fairies.  And after the break, we’ve got the absolutely massive Akira, a movie you shouldn’t miss.

Our one continuing series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is picking up in week two right where it left off (plus several years).  If you haven’t seen the first half of Gurren Lagann yet, A) you should be okay, since this series isn’t too plot-intensive, and B) go watch it immediately.

Our third week is our Magical Girls Night, where we try to give you a little sampling of the Magical Girl genre.  If you were with us for Madoka last semester, this should be nothing like that.  We will be showing an episode of Pretty Cure, the longest-running magical girl series ever – it doesn’t get much more authentic than that.

March 2nd starts us on Unintentional Comedy Month, devoted to the funniest things that were meant to be taken seriously.  We’ve got Mars of Destruction, the single-episode OVA famous for the phrase, “I’d rather re-watch Mars of Destruction than…”  We’ll be showing some of Harmageddon (it doesn’t matter how much or from where in the movie), a two-plus-hour long “masterpiece” that’s got something to do with psychic warriors and a robot in an asteroid and a bunch of other things that also make no sense.  And then, we finally show Garzey’s Wing, a movie known for someone trying to get it into showing and marathon every semester for the past several years.

After our Spring Break comes to a close, we return to showing on March 30th with Penguin Night, whose focus should be apparent.  We’ll start off with Mawaru Penguindrum, the most amazing series ever that is penguin-themed.  We’ll make a brief visit with the penguin of Evangelion, then after the break stop by Cardcaptors and Yu-Gi-Oh for a few more penguin-filled segments.

In our last week of showing, April 27th, we’ve got a Mystery Slot Sampler to fill up the first half.  We’ll be showing 3 episodes of up to 3 shows from the new Spring season of anime.  Will it be good?  Will we find out what’s being shown ahead of time?  It’s a mystery!

And of course, our schedule is filled in with all kinds of other excellent comedies, dramas, action series, and a very confused squid.  Check out the image above for the full picture of what’s in store for you.  We’ll see you all around, and have a great Spring semester!

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