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Time is escaping from us! – Adjustments to the schedule

Well, it looks like time is not our best friend, since we won’t have the right DVDs in for the right weeks.

Luckily, it’s a simple fix!  This week, we will be showing Garzey’s Wing during the first half of showing.  And then next week, we should have Harmageddon ready to go!  Also note that Mars of Destruction was not released in the US, so we won’t be able to show it at all (more Harmageddon to enjoy!).  However, since it’s widely considered to be one of the worst anime ever created, we highly encourage you to find a way to watch it on your own.

Anyways, get ready to enjoy this month of Unintentional Comedy!  We’ve got some of the most terrible things to ever grace the screen, so be excited!