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Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

There will be no showing this Saturday, due to the holiday.  Be sure to be there next Saturday (December 7th), though, as Marathon promises to be fantastic and more than make up for this week’s non-event.

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Marathon Schedule Now Available!

The schedule for Marathon is now fully ratified, and ready for reveal to the public!  Here goes:

At 12 PM, we will start off with two episodes of Free!, followed by Ringing Bell.  After a brief break, we’ll have a few episodes of Kill la Kill, then another quick break before Black Butler and Magi. After that, we will have the epic CJAS Game Show, followed by Lupin III: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine.

Post-dinner, we’ll finish Lain and Baccano, two of the shows we’ve been watching all semester.  After that, we’ll view xxxHolic and Higurashi, taking a brief break before we finish with Ghost In The Shell.

As always, Marathon will be the day after classes end.  So be in Lewis Auditorium at 12PM on December 7th for Maximum. Awesomeness.

Announcements CJAS Events

Unintentional Comedy Night!

Tomorrow’s showing will be Unintentional Comedy Night.  The usual time. (7PM)  The usual place. (Lewis Auditorium, Goldwin Smith Hall)

Be there for the best (unintentional) comedy you can see on campus!  Or be square.  That’s okay, too.

Also, clear your calendar for December 7th.  MARATHON is coming.  Noon to midnight.  All anime–schedule forthcoming, but (spoilers!) there will be Magi, Kill la Kill, and Baccano, among other things.